It is here again!

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It is here again!

Hey killjoys,

That time of my life is here again, where I start to feel down and feel as they my life is worth nothing but is just a scrap of metal floating out in space.

I go in these trances every couple of months and start thinking of death, I start to become anxious and I also make commitment to change my life. I will admit that I am unhappy with my life.

I become dull and boring and lazy. Like as though waking up is an arduous task, as if my green lantern ring is out of energy and has no power to give me the super power I need to survive another day.

I just want something exciting to happen in my life. Go on a holiday to some where I have never been, I want to have a life full of memories that are exciting and fun. So far I have none.

What is worse is that I have so many art projects I want to commence but do not know how to unleash the artist inside. I want to write my own comic, I want to write a novel and I have an idea of making something, I don't know what to call it or how to describe it, but it's something I cannot shoo out of my mind.

Also, you all have left me no choice but to upload my mcr fanfic on this site. I have been writing it else where but no one is reading it, and I really wish people would read it because I like to share my creativity - like all artists do.