Holy Hell I Have Not Been On Here For Ages!

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Holy Hell I Have Not Been On Here For Ages!

Despite what the time and date say, it is actually the 25 of October 2013 and 2:25am in Australia.

Before I stopped posting on this site, largely because I thought it would be taken down because of the band disbanding, but for some reason mindfucking with us again (THAT'S WHY I FUCKING LOVE THEM!), I started to write a novel length fan-fiction. Should I continue it or don't worry about it? Hmmm.... decisions. No really read them anyway.

I'm sitting here eating 2 minute noodles, doing my assignment and watching/listening to horrible commerical music and completely bored out of my mind but not sleepy enough to sleep. I'm an insomniac!

So, besides from it being The Black Parade's 7th birthday, what music has everyone been listening to lately? I'm really into Lorde and Elli Goulding at the moment, not hard rock or metal, but I enjoy music which has substance, a message worthy of my attentive ears, not all that breast-pumping sex craving smut that is played on repeat continuously by radio and tv.