30 Day Band Challenege - #29: Nicki Minaj

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30 Day Band Challenege - #29: Nicki Minaj

Now I am not normally into rap but hey if it is good I'll listen to it. Nicki Minaj has defnietly caught my attention.

Nicki grew up in New York in a troublesome household. Working in a clerical job she devoted her spare time to a potential career in the music industry. Nicki started singing background vocals for local rappers, however, wanting to shine more the bubbly singer started writing her own material.

It wasn't too long before Nicki would be noticed, especially when she uploaded her material on Myspace, by Dirty Money CEO, Fendi. She was signed and became, pretty much, the face of Dirty Money Label.

Now, I will admit, when I first heard Nicki Minaj's "Moment 4 Life" I didn't think much of it but then the song grew on me and then I heard Super Bass.

I think if Nicki plays her cards right and she continues to have a good mangement around her she will be bigger and better than what she is now.