Thank You My Chemical Romance

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Thank You My Chemical Romance

Seems a bit weird that MCR is breaking up. I've only been a fan for about 1-2 years and it feels like such a short time. Danger Days was such a big thing to me, it made me feel happy and ready to act like an idiot. It was my best friend, Ellie, that got me into them. It really helped me when I went through my ups and downs. Ellie and I even created MCR posters for each other for our birthdays. Seems awkward now.

I guess it was just a bit sudden. I mean, they released the album and everything, and I though they would go on tour and everything, and I would probably get to see them live. The short paragraph and stuff. I would always get so happy when Frank would post such long posts. But I guess it might be hard for the band to type a long story as well - them being the members, it would be hard, wouldn’t it?

But I ain't blaming MCR for leaving us. They showed me a lot. It was Gerard who got me into art - I even discovered I had an artistic talent because of him. Obviously, my parents never really approved of anything I did - they didn't like the music I listened to or my art. Neither did the people in my school (they thing I listen to "grudge" music just because I said I liked listening to MCR. I really hated hearing that - I listen to mainstream music too...) But I didn't care. I had my best friend, who is the most supportive person I've met. I also had MCR, who I could jam out to and let out all of my anger.

Mikey even got me into playing the bass, I'm learning it by myself, with the guitar I have (I know, I know. I guitar ain't the same as a bass but its pretty similar, I just use four strings :) )

The list of things that MCR has taught me goes on and on, I don't think I'll be able to fit it all in. Even if I never got to see the band live with my best friend, I love them for showing us a lot :) One thing that would stay with me for quite some time is one of Gerard’s quotes:
"This band is for fuckin' life. I couldn't get out if I tried. It's like a life sentence. And a life sentence isn't always a bad fuckin' thing. Because we're all meant to be in this cell together."

My twitter background will forever be the little cartoon of Mikey and Starbucks coffee, it’s just too cute <3

I hope you come back someday My Chemical Romance :)
So long and good night