hockey. hockey. hockey.

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hockey. hockey. hockey.

i got hit in the SAME hand with a hockey stick THREE times today... i dont know if its broken, i guess not since im still tying with it :P but fuuuuuckkk it hurtssss... then my own team mate doesnt realize im right in front of them and smashes the ball into my foot! i was about to scream out "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR" but i just held it in because i knew my PE teacher was looking.

then theres this absolute gigantic guy who hip buts me out of the way and send me flying to the ground. HE HIT MY HAND ONCE!

my close friend (who is also my own team mate) hit me the other two times.

at least i scored 2 goals :) i was "pichow bitchessss" and for some reason i always raised my hand to the teacher whenever we scored a goal. it was probably to make sure that he knew that we scored a goal, especially my goals :P

when my team went for a drink of water, i met my friend Dan (who is in set 1 - i didnt tell you that im in the last set for PE. i dont know why they put me in there because im easily scoring goals against the other team, but oh well) and he told me that he saw my goals and that it was "awesome", and i replied with "dan shut up" but i still hug him. he's such a good friend.

there was an indian on our team - not saying we're bullies because she lets us - and we make fun of her accent. she had been driving us crazy saying "please pass it to me, i really want to score a goal" and when she finally scored a goal she shouts "FINALLY" in a ridiculous indian accent that makes us all drop to the floor laughing.

every other team member we're saying how good i was a hockey, but honestly i think its being i tend to scream at them when im tackling them and i tend to scare the living shit out of them. easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie mother fucker :)