fanfiction #5

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fanfiction #5

I took a bite of the casserole.It was delicious."Where did you learn to draw like that?"I asked him while stuffing my mouth with food.
"Well,I went to an art college in New York.I draw comics.Have you ever heard of The Umbrella Academy?"he asked as he at the last bite of food.I was also done with mine so he took both of our plates and put them in the sink.I sat back and took a sip of water.
"Yeah,I've heard of them,but I've never read one.Why,do you draw them?"I asked as he came back and sat down.
"Yeah."he answered.My eyes got big.
"Thats cool."I said cooly.He smiled at me.
"Yeah.Do want to read one?"He started to get up.
Yeah,I'd love too"I got up and he grabbed my hand and took my to his room,a part nof the house I'd never been in.He opened the door to his room and we waled in.He had drawings and posters all over his purple colored room.He had a bed,a drawer,and a desk that was covered in papers.He went over to his desk and ruffled through the papers to find the book.I noticed a piece of paper on the floor so I picked it up.There were words scribbled on the paper.They looked like some kind of lyrics for a song I had never heard.

And if they get and the sun goes down
and if they get me,take this spike and
if they get me and the sun goes down
and if they get me,take this spike and...

"What are you doing?"I heard Gerard ask.I looked up to see him holding the comic book.He took a step toward me and snatched the paper out of my hand harshly.
I took a step back,accidently closing the door,traping me in here."I saw it on the floor so I picked up."I said nervously.
"Why?"he asked,a look of rage came across his face.
"I dont know.I was just curious."I said backing against the door.I saw him pull a knife out of his pocket.
He ran at me,putting the knife under my chin once again.
"Well if I were you I wouldnt touch anything.Do you understand me?"He asked.
I cringed under the pressure of him,"Yes".He moved the knife to the cheek the wasnt cut.I knew he was going to cut me again.I was right.He slid the knife across my face even harder,leaving an even deeper cut than the last one.He stepped a foot back.We stared at each other for th longest time.Finaly,after an akward few minutes,Gerard wiped some blood of my face with his finger and stuck it on his tounge.I thought this guy really is crazy!
He looked into my eyes and cupped my face with his hands,then he kissed me.His lips were warm and tasted like old coffee and blood.I felt his tounge trace my top lip as if he were searching for somthing.It was weird because I didnt want to stop,I didnt want to let go.I wanted to stay there for just a few more minutes,kissing him but he pulled away.He let go of my face and backed away.His face was a rosey red.I stood there shocked with no emotion on my face.
"Sorry...I dont know what came over me"He said emberisingly as he sat on the bed, waiting for my reaction.

To be continued....