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Hello there. I feel like writing, but I don't know about what so we'll see what this will end up like.
So I saw today in school how a lot of people seem to be a little scared of sitting alone in class, at lunch etc. Maybe they like to feel the safety that comes from being in a group, maybe they don't want to be pointed out as weird or crazy. I find it quite interesting, but at the same time a little annoying. Since I've had no one to sit with during chemistry, I've learned how to sit alone and I have to say I prefer that instead of sitting next to anyone in my chemistry group now. In the beginning though, I just wanted to sit a a table where I wouldn't be alone. To change the subject: I want to do so much and read so many books and comics but it feels like don't have either time or energy to do everything I want to. I think I'm gonna try a little more, you know, try to find the excitement again. Right now I want to reread (re-read?) Watchmen and read this super thick book (in my opinion),which is by Tolstoj and I want to read something by him 'cause... they mention him in Gilmore Girls. It's actually thanks to Gilmore Girls I've read Huckleberry Finn, which is a great book I truly recommend. Wow, it's past midnight here now. I don't feel very tired though, considering I've been tired all day. Maybe it's the coke I just drank. I like coke. Especially with pizza. I'm going to eat pizza tomorrrow by the way, something I'm looking forward to. I've been wanting pizza for a few weeks now. Talking about food, I was gonna have lunch with my friend (tomorrow), but now she suddenly doesn't want to. Kind of a bummer; I was starting to get excited about it. I guess I'll go to the library instead to study a little. Hm, what else can I write about? Oh right, I moved my posters around yesterday and it took quite some time. Thankfully I'm happy with the result, so maybe it'll last for a while. Oh, and apparently my parents think I listen to negative music. I don't agree with them. Well, I don't really have anything more to write about now, so goodnight.

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Ps. I apologize for the text being a little... stuttering? (I don't know if that's the right word to use, but google translate said so.)