Hell On Earth

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Hell On Earth

Ugh. I’ve been doing pretty good lately, considering I’m at my mom’s. Is this what it feels like to not be depressed? Idk. I feel like i’m out of my element. Like even my emotions feel awkward and out of place.

I forgot how much I missed my doggies. And me and my mom are getting along pretty well. She offered to let me back in with her today. If it’s gonna be like this, and I can have all my friends back, I’d consider it. But I know it’s just not in my or my mother’s nature to be complacent with each other. It might be smooth sailing for a while, but I’d be skating on this ice. And I live in Colorado. Ice melts fast. I’ve never been more miserable than when I’ve lived here. I know things would just go right back to how they were.

And I’m sure it hurts my mother to know she failed as a mom. It hurt her pride having to explain to everybody that wondered where I was what happened and how I don’t live with her anymore, at very least. I don’t like hurting people. But I need to take care of myself, you know? I’m really getting tired of being in such a destructive environment that will do nothing but hurt me. I can’t come back here. I want to, deep down, because for some reason I’m extremely masochistic. But I’m starting to get a better sense of right and wrong. Living at my dad’s will keep me alive until I can leave completely.

AA;ISDGPFCRNG I’m so fucking torn!! Dx