Stop the Hate/ stolen

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Stop the Hate/ stolen

1. Height: 5ft 8.5"

2. Virgin? Yes

3. Shoe size: 12 (I'm have really big feet ~sadness~)

4. Sexual Orientation: Bi/ lesbian (not sure yet)

5. Do you smoke? Nope

6. Do you drink? nope

7. Do you take drugs? unless my health meds count no

8. What age do you get mistaken for? I fourteenth and always get mistaken as a twenty years old with kids (babysit) and a husband ( usually the kids actual dad)

9. Tattoos? Not yet but I'm planning on sleeves like Lyn-z has

10. Piercings? Yes my ears, but I want to get three lip piercings and my septum

11. Best friend? Well I have two Rose and Fey

12. Relationship status? Dating a wonderful girlfriend, love you dreams :)

13. Favorite movies: Prince of Egypt, LOTMS, and The Corpses Bride.

14. Someone you miss: My pet hamster Danny, may he rest in peace

15. Most traumatic experience: Having emergence surgery on my ovaries.

16. A fact about your personality: I love to help people and because of it almost half of my friend think I'm a super hero with magically powers.

17. What I want to be when I get older: Doctor/ Musician/ artist. Yes all together :D

Oh and if you curious about the video and pictures look up soldiers of the Black Parade against bullying on Facebook, I'd put the link but it wouldn't post the blog if I did. Love you guys <3 ~Bee