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Day 1 - First My Chemical Romance Song You Ever Heard: Welcome To The Black Parade

Day 2 - The most recent song you have been listening to: WTTBP!!

Day 3 - Favorite Song from I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love: Headfirst For Halos

Day 4 - Favorite Song from Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. : So hard to choose!!! You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

Day 5 - Favorite song from The Black Parade.: House Of Wolves

Day 6 - Favorite song from Danger Days.: Either DESTROYA or Vampire Money..

Day 7 - Favorite unreleased/ bonus track. : Heaven Help Us or Bury Me In Black (do they count?)

Day 8 - Favorite Music Video. : The Ghost Of You

Day 9 - Best concert (either you’ve been to or seen on television or online): Mexico City 2006

Day 10 – Favorite Part of Life On The Murder Scene.: "It's for the hamster that I'm going to buy!!!!"

Day 11 - Favorite interview.: Grammy Museum

Day 12 - Favorite Song live.: Mama

Day 13 - Song that makes you laugh.: Vampire Money

Day 14 - Song that makes you sad.: Cancer

Day 15 - Song that makes you dance. : House Of Wolves

Day 16 - Song that inspires you.: The Kids From Yesterday

Day 17 - Song that reminds you of someone.: Give 'Em Hell Kid

Day 18 - Lyrics that inspire you.: You can run away with me, anytime you want

Day 19 - Favorite album art.: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

Day 20 - Song you can’t stop singing.: The Only Hope For Me Is You

Day 21 - Song you haven’t listened to in a while.: Cancer

Day 22 - Song that reminds you of someone you hate.: ----

Day 23 - Favorite slow song.: Heaven Help Us

Day 24 - Favorite up tempo song.: Kill All Your Friends

Day 25 - Favorite Gerard Way quote.: No favourite, they're all amazing and inspiring <3

Day 26 - Favorite album (or if you can’t chose what you’re listening to at the moment): Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Day 27 - Favorite poster or picture of the band: All of the ones with Bob in!!!!

Day 28 - Song you want to hear live more often.: Vampires Will Never Hurt You, maybe Our Lady Of Sorrows

Day 29 - Song that really got you into the band: Helena and I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

Day 30 - Why you love My Chemical Romance.: The best music I've ever heard, they're all amazing and inspiring people, and they have at least 1 song to celebrate every mood I'm in