My Eyes played a trick on me.

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My Eyes played a trick on me.

Hello MCRers,

Reading the Zone 6 news, on my ipad and the usual checking on pending friends, or awaiting friend requests and such. And I thought I saw one from Ray and left me a message(when you request a add) And honestly I didn't even know who/what he was.. Even checked his page and I'm like he has no friends or whatever. So I thought it was a trick/bug that just wants my account and such so I think I deleted it(or it erased, who knows.) And I doubt it would be true, maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me or it was a hacking tibit.

So idk if it was really him, or a hacking person for my account or maybe it was. I do remember what he said, "cool picture, I still don't know how to change mine." I should of took a pic of it with my phone, since I have the first generation ipad.

So idk... I should of just accepted. oh well.