Awesome Concert @ Hollywood Palladium!

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Awesome Concert @ Hollywood Palladium!

Tired!! Happy and Sore!
I was glad that MCR sang some of their old songs, last night! Although it was musty and sweaty in there, and smelled. HAHAH its all about the concert experience but I admit it was amazing seeing them that close! Although there were a few people that shoved and pushed (just to be d*cks) And the mosh pit being a tad bit rough, although I liked pushing them back. (smiles)

Added to that at the palladium one of the oldest theaters in LA! A history buff was cool. I wished I would taken more pics rather than videos, but its so much better hearing them live and singing your fav. songs.

I have another chance to see them live with Blink 182!

--Heres to meeting new people last night and enjoying the awesomest night with old, new and upcoming mcr's/killjoys/etc.

till we meet again!