AHAHAA help O.o

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AHAHAA help O.o

okay so first of all, it's been ages since I wrote something here... I forgot how much help I got here before, but now that I remember I need help.

so I have this friend, Netta, I don't know if she's a good friend of mine anymore.. I only met her last year, she's with me in my home class Netta, my best friend (who I know since i can remember myself, Gaya) and we always stick together because there are no one else in class to like... well we used to..

since last year Gaya and I felt that there is something wrong with Netta, like always complaining or crying over stupid things or trying to be liked by other people who hate her, and then she'd come to us and cry about how mean they all are (doing that mistake over and over again)
but all that time we hoped that maybe she will understand that there's no need to cry over every grade, that not everyone hate her, that it's better to keep a distance from some people and to shut up once in a while... and this year, she did stop to talk to people who would never like her much, but that's it - she keeps complaining and crying and talk at the wrong time (and saying things she shouldn't say next to me about my friends..)
I just can't take it anymore, basically Gaya and I are the only friends of her in my school, I know she has another friend outside of school, so that feeling I have, every time I talk to her in short answers like to someone you don't like makes me feel bad (mostly because Gaya feels the same way, and with both of us less liking her than before is not so good..) I have this anti against her almost every time that we talk - I don't know what to do with it..
please help O.o

(and thanks for reading this all..)