Calling All Soldiers....

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Calling All Soldiers....

Hey, would anybody be interested in taking a survey??? :)
I don't wanna sound desperate or anything..... but my science teacher told me that for my science fair project, I need to have my survey results completed by the end of winter break (I know I know, winter break ends in three days.... I may have procrastinated slightly.) She did not, however, give any advice on how I would find a mass amount of high school age kids to take the survey. So.
Could the amazing community of MCRmy soldiers possibly help? :) Please, the survey is only 5 questions, and even though they're really personnel, (my project is on how bullying affects teen depression), it's anonymous. The only thing that I would know is your screen name...... Please help me out with this guys my academic career depends on it! D: All you have to do is leave your response in a comment for this blog.....

Survey Questions:
1.) What grade are you in?

2.) Have you, in the past 12 months, been bullied either physically, verbally, cyberally, or socially repeatedly?

3.) Have you ever been diagnosed with major, chronic, or any other type of depression?

4.) Do you know if a parent or close relative was ever diagnosed with depression at any one time?

5.) Do you have, or had in the past, any of the following symptoms occurring at the same time? Which ones?
___ Feelings of fatigue or lethargy for the majority of the time.
___ Feelings of worthlessness and/or guilt.
___ Impaired concentration.
___ Insomnia (extreme difficulty falling or staying asleep) or hypersomnia (excessive sleepiness.)
___ Feelings of either restlessness or lethargy.
___ Having a significant change in weight loss/gain. (significant would be losing or gaining 5% of body weight in a month.)
___ Sleeping poorly at night and much of the day.
___ Having constant thoughts about death or suicide.
___ Withdrawing from most previously enjoyed activities.

So uh, your help would be really appreciated...*meekly* thanks