Take this and make it okay

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Take this and make it okay

The sounds that made me shiver, the crept up behind me
The music that blared through my ears, it amazed me
The way each note was hut by every guitar, it was inspiring
The way his voice sounded, it made me feel great.

You took my world and made it okay,
You made sure I wasn't the only outsider
You taught me to always stand up for what I believe in
You helped me through all the tough times
You are everything I believe in.

The sound was loud, my parents hated,
I loved the way each album and song told a story
Every song inspired me dearly
This was my world and all it revolved around

The self expression made me think,
This was it the reason I had a reason
How I wasn't afraid to keep on living and never walk this world alone
I had lost my way, then I found it when I found Music.

The way people looked at me I didn't give a fuck anymore
I walked these halls proud, Even when I was spat on
My high school career is a living hell, but I kept my head held high

Thankyou My Chemical Romance and the MCRmy you have made me feel welcome and I love knowing I'm not in this alone, that's why Notinthisalone is my username. This is all because one year ago today, I discovered My chemical Romance.