Save our souls (part 7)

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Save our souls (part 7)

The doctors and nurses came running in and kicked us out into the waiting room at first Mikey refused but he evenually went out.
"Dont worry, he'll be okay trust me" I said
"He looked at me, and looked away i only hope so" He said
"Excuse me are you the Way family?" A Nurse asked
"Yes" said Mikey standing up straight away
"He's fine, he's still a bit edgy from the drugs he took" The nurse said 
We all ran in to see him he was sitting up and shot a look at us and put his head down as the tears streamed down his face.

"How are you?" Mikey asked
"Im okay, Im really sorry about the drugs i really dont know what came over me" Gerard said
"Its fine, If your okay then so am I" His mum said
"Yeah thanks for leaving me in art!" I said scarcasticaly 
We all laughed. and that was the last for a while. More and More awkward silences came across, Me and Mikey went out to McDonalds for our dinner,
"I feel rotten that we haven't had alot of time to ourselves, Mikey said while stuffing a chip and some cola into his mouth.
"Its okay, Your brothers in hospital and if you think about it were alone just now"I said 
"Well i suppose" Mikey said "Lets go for a walk in the park after this?" He asked
"Sure, why not?" I answered

We finished our McDonalds and went a walk around the park we sat on a bench next to the central fountain. 
"Are you okay, you look a little worried" Mikey asked me
"I am, Gerard he's been friends with us for ages and to lose him kill me and the rest of us" I said
"Hey stop thinking like that, remember Gerards a fighter!" Mikey proclaimed
"True!" I laughed
Mikey leaned in to kiss me, i dont know why but it felt right, His lips were dry, but sweet and i just was completly in love with him!. 

We headed back to the hospital after a long walk, Hoping gerard would be okay. 
Gerards life support was still beeping loudly.
"How is he?" Me and Mikey asked the nurse
"He's doing good, but he's still unwell" she said
"ok, will he get better?" Mikey asked
"We can only hope" she said
We walked into his ward and noticed him twitch, Mikeys face lit up straight away 
"Did you see that!" He shouted
"Yes, and be quiet" Mikeys mum said
"Ok, but im just so happy!" He shouted again
I just looked at him and smiled softly, I had forgot what he was like when he was excited.
Gerard started to come round again, He looked at us faintly as if he was ashamed of what he had done. He stared at me and Mikey and smiled, he looked away after a while and looked at his mum and dad. 
Two doctors came rushing in and crowed around Gerard.

A nurse came in "The pills that were found in Gerards immune system are unknown, they haven't been registered with us yet" She said
"We dont care aslong as he's alright!" Everyone shouted at her.
" I just thought you'd like to know" she said and walked out the room.
I was so tired, I hadn't slept since two nights ago and the past two days had been really long.

I woke up and i was leaning on Mikeys shoulder and he had his arm around me, He felt so warm but his eyes were focused on a coffee machine. I laughed at him,
"What?" He asked
"You and your coffee, just go get one" I said
"No, i have no money" He reminded me
"Heres money got get one!" I said shoving my money at him
"Are you sure?" He asked undoubtfuly
"Yes!" I said laughing at him
"Thankyou so much!" He said running over to the coffee machine
He always got so happy over his coffee.
He came running back with his coffee sipping it quietly, 
"So was it worth it?" I asked
"Yes, its fucking coffee i love it!" He shouted happily.
I knew it was a stupid question but i still wanted to ask him.
"You can go in and talk to Gerard now" A Doctor said coming out of Gerards ward.
Mikey and i came rushing in.
"How are you?!" Mikey asked
"Im good but still.." Gerard said while stopping himself
"Its okay, I dont care if you take drugs aslong as you okay!" Mikey and I said
"But tell me one thing do you like Kelly, As in like, like" Mikey asked
"Erm................, Yeah" said Gerard looking down in guilt
Me and Mikey couldn't believe what we heard.
"Really?!" Mikey said
"Yes!, okay i cant help it!" Gerard shouted
"Gerard, I like you too but not in that way" I said
"I know, im sorry" Said Gerard
"Maybe its better if you go and wait in the waiting room" Mikey said
I went out, Mikey and Gerard were talking, then they started shouting, then it became an arguement. I ran in 
"Stop arguing!" I shouted
"Get out of this!, This is our fight!" Gerard shouted
"Dont talk to her like that!" Mikey shouted
"Shut up! and no i wont!" Gerard shouted
"Come on Kelly lets leave" Mikey said
"Okay, i dont want to be in here ayway" I said
Me and Mikey walked out.
"Bye mum and Dad, Im going home" Mikey said
"Okay, heres the keys and be good" His mum shouted throwing the keys at him

"So do you think your going to fall back in with Gerard?" I asked while sitting down on his couch.
"Maybe, but he's being a dick right now" Mikey said
"Okay, i hope you guys do" I said
Mikey sat down beside me and turned on the T.V 
"What do you want to watch?" He asked
"Kerrang!, Green day and metalica are always on it" I said
"Okay, i want to watch that too" Mikey said
Green day, 'Wake me up when Setemper ends' was on, 
"I love this song" I said swaing gently
"Me too" Mikey said as he put his arm around me.
I put my head on his shoulder, He started singing the start.  He was so bad at singing, he knew he was but didn't care.
"Summer has come and passed" Mikey sang
"The innocent can never last" I sang
"Wake me up when September ends" We both sang while laughing 
"You are so sweet and cute" Mikey said
"Thankyou, I love you" I whispered in his ear
"I love you too" Mikey said pressing jus lips agains mine.
There was butterflies in my stomach, I just loved him so much.
Mikeys phone started ringing,
"Two seconds its mum, i need  get this" He said
"Okay" i said while Mikey was getting up
I heard him from the hallway
"Emm.. Okay, right okay cya later" 
"Mums on her way home, Gerard isnt getting out tonight" He said While sitting back down beside me.
"Well I better go home" I said 
"Okay, i'll see you later" He said putting his arm around me while kissing me, it was longer than usuall this time
"Dont go, please" Mikey said gently
"Im sorry, but i have too" I said laughing
"Ohh.. Okay, remember tomorrows saturday and we have band practice even tough Gerards not here we will work on our guitar chords" He said letting me go
"Ok cya later" I said walking out the door.
I was lucky, it was only a five minute walk from Mikeys house to mines.