Save our souls (part 6)

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Save our souls (part 6)

I woke up and got dressed very fast and grabbed a bowl of cereal and then the door bell rang. It was Mikey 
"hey, you ready?" he asked
"yeah just give two seconds to I get my bag" I said running up the stairs.
I wasn't gone for longer than a minute and i ran back down with Mikey and Charlie talking to each other. 
"Bye charlie, Tell mum too!" I said
"Ok, have fun bye!" Charlie said while stufffing toast into his mouth.
"So how are you this moring?" Mikey asked
"im fantastic you?" 
"Im great!" He said happily. 

We arrived at school, Everyone stared at us. It felt awkward, We reached the music doors were we always stood. 
"Theres the bell" Mikey said
"Can we have one more kiss?" I asked
"Why not" Mikey said leaning in to kiss me again.
We left because we had to get to our classes. I made my way to art, I sat beside Gerard but he wasn't in he never missed art he loved it. 

The session was good but i missed Gerard, "He must just be not well or is freaked out or something" I thought to myself. The bell rang for the end of the class, I saw Mikey and pulled him to the side,
"Have you seen Gerard?" I asked
"No, I was going to ask you the same thing!" He said
"I have no clue he never misses art!" I said
"I dont know he must be not well" He said 
"I'll see you later!" He shouted 
"Okay! bye!" I shouted back

I was in biology I sat next to Hannah, Jenny and Bob none of them had seen Gerard either i just let it drop out my mind, "He must be ill!" I kept thinking.
During Biology I got called to the pricipals office, I got up and followed mrs. Freeman to the office, Mikey already sat there. 
"We have terrible news for you both" Mr. James and said
"What, whats wrong!?" Mikey asked
"Is it Gerard is he okay!?" I askes
"Shhh be quiet" Mr. James said
"Gerard has been taken into hospital moments after Michael left for school" He said
Tears flowed down mine and Mikeys face.

"What!?" Me and Mikey said
"Gerards taking drugs!" I asked
"And is in love with Kelly?!" Mikey shouted
We both ran out the office before Mr. James had enough time to say anothor word, We planned on runnuing halfway across town but we called for a cab instead.
"What if he's dead!" Mikey said
"He'll be okay, Gerards a fighter!" I said
"But why would he take drugs?" Mikey askes confusedly
"I dont know, we'll have to wait until we get there" I said
I comforted Mikey the entire way, I payed for the cab ride because Mikey had no monry with him. 

We ran to the front desk and the receptionist showed us to Gerards ward, Their mum was already there. They were suprised to see us, 
"How is he?" Mikey askes
"He's holding in there" His mum said
Then all of a sudden the life support stared beeping, The whole family had tears streaming down their face including me, 
Gerard was dead...