Save our souls (part 5)

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Save our souls (part 5)

I cried and looked at the body of Mikey way. He looked so sweet and inncoent 
"FRANK!, RAY!" I shouted
The to of them came in and looked at Mikey and their eyes watered
"Is he d-d-dead?" Ray asked
"Im not sure but there is no pulse bu your body can start up again cant it?" I asked
"Kelly, Im afraid it cant" Frank said almost crying
Tears streamed down my face, I jsut lay at the side of him then more groaning, it was louder and more footsteps were comming our way.
"Lets do this in memory of Mikey he would want us to!" I said
The first zombie came Ray jumped at it and took its head off with a branch, Then came the second this time i ran at it and just beat the shit out of it until it fell and died and it went on and on. I saw at the corner of my eye that Mikey moved i dropped everything and left the zombie killing to Ray and Frank. I sat with him, i pulled his head up, I sat him up then his eyes opened. I felt so relieved and hugged him for ages.
"Zombies were are they!?" Mikey askes
"Shhh its okay their gone or at least Frank and Ray are on that quest" I said
"Gerard... Zombie we need to save him!" Mikey shouted.
So i lifted him he was so light for a sixteen year old i ran past all the zombies and Frank and Ray who had puzzeled looks on their faces. 

I ran downstairs none of the zombies looked like Gerard. I ran into a room of sunlight and put Mikey down. He stood up, He smiled softly and hugged me, He went to pull away but he couldn't it felt so right he leaned in and kissed my top lip and then pulled away and smiled 
"I have always loved you" He whispered in my ear
I felt amazing "I have always loved you too" I said
He leaned in again to kiss me, Ray and Frank walked in.
"Ohh so you too are together" Frank asked
"Yes, yes we are i guess" Mikey said still looking at me inches away from my face
I smiled softly and giggled a little.
A zombie then came in we pulled away.
"Wait?! You look like Gerard!" I shouted in surprise
Everyone then saw it
"It is Gerard and he is a zombie!" Mikey said in terror
"Maybe if we pull him into the sunlight the zombie will die in him and he'll be normal again!?" Ray suggested
"Maybe but we can only try!" Frank said
Me, Ray and Frank ran and got the Zombie and pulled him into the sunlight, while Mikey stood watching us trying to make sure the zombie "Gerard" wouldn't try and kill us.
We flung him down and the screaming and blood poured from him, Then he lay thhere will a pool of blood around him. He groaned and moved around
"What the fuck!? Why am i in a pile of blood" Gerard asked
"Gerard!" Me, Mikey, Ray and Frank shouted and picked him up and hugged him 
"What happened?" He asked "The last thing i can remember is looking at a tree with blood all over it and from then nothing" he said
"Long story! but we'll tell you on the way home" Me and Mikey said

"So you all were looking for me, while I was a zombie who tried to kill you and Mikey and Kelly nearly drowned looking in a giant lake!" Gerard said
"Yep!" Mikey said
"WOW! thanks guys your the best!" Gerard said
"By the way your baby brother has a girlfriend!" Said Frank
"What?! Who?" Gerard asked
"Me and Kelly!" Mikey said holding my hand
"Well, this is going to take some getting used to!" Gerard shouted while laughing and hugging us. 
Mikey walked me home that night and Gerard just walked straight home.
"Goodnight, I love you" Mikey said kissing me goodnight
His lips were so soft, I felt like i was in heaven
"Goodnight, I love you too" I said to him when we stopped kissing
"See you tomorrow!" He said happily and left to go home. I walked in the door, my mum and little brother were on the couch crying
"Where have you been!" My mum shouted
" I was out to school!" I shouted back
"No, not since four am!?" She shouted back
"I left to meet Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank because we had band practice early, i thought i told you!" I shouted back
"Well you didn't! Be more careful in future!" She shouted back
"Yeah be careful!" Charlie shouted
"Shut up!" I shouted at him
I went upstairs and lay on my bed cuddling my pillow, I still felt amazing since Mikey kissed me, I loved him so much even tough we had only been going out for two hours. I changed into my Blue and White Pj's and watched some T.V and fell asleep.

Today i was up before my Alarm clock went off for a change, I ran and got my clothes from my dresser and ran into the bathroom and got changed straight away. There was a knock on the door, i ran downstairs and opened the door as you would, Mikey stood there with a smile on his face
"are you ready?" He asked
"Yeah wait the now i need to grab my bag" I said 
I ran upstairs leaving Mikey and Charlie alone together

I walked home myself that night, Feeling amazing after that kiss, I loved her so much! even tough we had only being going out for teo hours or something like that but i knew this was right! I reached my house remembering i hadn't told my mum about me and Gerard disappearing, well i have to take my punishment. 

I walked in and Gerard was talking to mum, she ran over and hugged me
"Thank goodness your okay!" She shouted Kissing my fore head
"Yeah me and Gerard are fine you see!" I said 
I walked upstairs ignoring everyone even Gerard which i dont normally do.
I just lay on my bed thinking about Kelly then Gerard came in.
"So how are you?" He asked
"Im great you?"
"Im good, i bet your great after another kiss with Kelly!" He laughed
"Shut up!" I said hitting him with my pillow laughing 
"Well that was some weird shit today wasn't it?" Gerard asked
"Yeah im still crapping myself, i fucking was legaly dead for five minutes and nearly drowned!" I replied
"I know well i'll leave you so you can get some sleep i guess" Gerard said 
"Yeah Goodnight!" I shouted as he shut my room door.
As soon as my head hut the pillow i just completely fell asleep.


"I felt so happy for my little brother, he seemed happy" i thought to myself shutting his room door, "I wish i could find love the way he did" I thought to myself. I walked into my room and switched on the light and pulled out my drawing pad and pencils. My sketch book was filled with drawings of Kelly, I was in love with her but She's in love with Mikey! "I hate my life" I said quietly as i took some pills sitting on my self behind my books and i just hit my bed.