Save our souls (PART 36)

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Save our souls (PART 36)


"Don't be long, we have a time today" I warned Mikey as he headed into the bathroom
"Okay!" He said loudly to me and closing the bathroom door.
I walked out and went into my room, I took my party poison outfit and went into the bathroom to get dressed. After about fifteen minutes of getting dressed I was finally ready. 
I went out of my room and went in to check n Frank who was dressed too.
"Your dressed?!" I asked surprisingly
"Yep!" He said with a smile on his face
"Well good, we only have thirty minutes" I said
"Yeah I know, you go check on Mikey and I'll go check on Ray" Frank said starting to move closer to the door
"Yeah" I said walking out, 
"every conversation was really quick and to the point this morning, I guess were just tired" I thought to myself 
I walked into Mikeys room and he was sitting on his bed fixing his boots.
"Ready to go?" I asked 
"Fuck yeah!" He shouted
"Good" I said walking out with him walking behind me.
"Two seconds I need to go see if Sofias up" He said
"Okay but move your ass" I said
"I will" He said, then ran off to Sofias room. 
Something was going on, I knew it but didnt want to say anything.


-Knock- -Knock- -Knock-
"Hello?" I said just as I finished applying my eyeliner.
"Hey its Mikey" 
"Oh come in" I said sounding happy as I really liked Mikey
"Hey" He said closing my door
"Hey" I said putting down my eyeliner
"I need to tell you something" He said sitting down on the edge of my bed
"Sure, what's up?" I said sitting down beside you
"I like you, really like you" He said, I felt a rush of feelings. I felt happy, excited, amazing and overall fantasic
"I really like you too" I replied, his face lit up and he hugged me
"Your amazing" He said pulling away and leaning in to kiss me
"So are you" I said leaning in to kiss him, everything just felt amazing.
We stayed like that for what felt like forever, we were interrupted by Gerard,
"Oooohhh" He said looking over at us. Me and Mikey just started laughing
"Sorry to barge in but we've got a music video to shoot Mikey" Gerard said looking happily to his little brother, probably because he was proud of him
"Okay, would you like to come?" Mikey asked me
"Yes" I said plainly as he took my hand and walked out the room with me, this was the best day of my life so far.

"Hey" Frank said looking at me and Mikey as we walked out into the warm Californian air.
"Hey" We both replied 
"So what's up with you two?" Ray asked winking towards Mikey
"Well, were kinda together now" He said looking into my eyes, he was so beautiful I couldnt believe he was mine
"Well congratulations but we need to shoot a video" Frank said opening the door to a rented car.
"Okay" We all said climbing into the car, Ray drove and Frank sat in the front too, Gerard sat at the window on the left and Mikey sat in the middle. We all talked and me and Mikey occasionally kissed each other. Within fifteen minutes we arrived at the tunnel where the first part of sing was getting videoed.
"I love you" Mikey said kissing me softly on the lips as he got out of the car. I just stayed in the car and never took my eyes off him, he was everything to me right now.


Ray stopped the car a couple of minutes away from the tunnel where the first part of sing was getting videoed so the car wouldnt get into any shots. We all climbed out of the car but Mikey was last, Sofia just stayed in the car. 
"So when did they two get together" Frank asked me as we headed to the tunnel not waiting on Mikey as we figured he would be a while.
"This morning I think, I walked in on them kissing" I said smiling and sort of laughing as I was proud of my little brother.
"Ewww!" Frank shouted laughing as we approached the tunnel.
We all started laughing and Mikey ran up behind us.
"What you guys laughing at?" He asked
"Ah nothing" Ray said wiping a tear away from his eye.
"Okay then" Mikey said smiling but he sounded confused.
We walked into the tunnel and then I went off set to find out how I would direct and act in the video, the other guys got into the muscle car ready to shoot the video.


"So Mikey, when did all this happen?" I asked him
"When what happened?" He asked
"You and Sofia?" I asked sounding more obvious
"Well last night and this morning" He said happily, he sounded like a love sick puppy but it was great to see him like this again.
"Well, congrats" I said high fiving him 
"Thanks dude" He said turning away leaving me and Ray in the back.
"So when do we get to go home?" I asked Ray
"Well after this video and the press then we get to go!" Ray said loudly and happily. Mikey let out a sigh of relief as did I,
"I can't wait until we go home and finally relax!" Ray said
"Yeah same, but it's not as though I hate touring I love it but I love being home" Mikey said
"Same here!" Ray said
"And me!" I added in we all let out a laugh and then Gerards double came into the car so Gerard can direct it. After another three hours of filming we had finally finished half of the video. 
"That was fuckin awesome!" Gerard shouted as we walked out of the car giving us all hugs
"Thanks man" I said as he pulled away
"Right guys I'm away to see Sofia" Mikey said heading away from the White building which we had painted ourselves.
"Okay, come back soon for the press!" I shouted after him
"Yeah sure!" He shouted back and soon he was only a figure in the distnce and then completely disappeared.
"So you happy Gerard?" I asked him
"Yeah, my baby brothers finally found an amazing girl" He responded 
"True dat" Ray interrupted 
"I think were all proud 'cause hes like all of our kid brother" I said
"Yeah, but we need to go deal with the press" Gerard said to us
"Yeah sure" Me and Ray said waking away with him


As I approached the car Sofia was leaning against the door, this made me run to get her.
"Hey baby" I said hugging her and kissing her lips softly, she smilied gently 
"Hey, how was it?" She asked 
"Fantastic!" I said holding her hand and taking her so I could deal Wight he press with Gerard and the others
"That's great" She said walking with me
"Yeah and the great thing is we only have filming for tomorrow but we get t go home tonight" I said putting my arm around her and holding her close
"Yey!" She screamed in all happiness, this made me laugh a little
"I love you" I said stopping and kissing her
"I love you too" She said kissing me back this time it lasted for what felt like forever but it as amazing almost as amazing as her.
We started walking again until we reached Gerard, Ray and Frank asking to the press and signing autographs and just then about nearly every repeater and fan came over to me and Sofia
"Is it true you guys are dating?" Was the question that came from everyone's mouth
"Yes and I'm so happy with her" I said wrapping my arm around her she put her head on my shoulder and smiled softly.
"D'aawwwwww" Every fan came out with when this happened
"Well we wish you a great future" Everyone said and then went back to Ray, Gerard and Frank
"Well that went well" She said hugging me and putting her head in my shoulder
"It sure did, I really do love you" I said
"I love you so much too" She said kissing my cheek and then my lips, I couldn't love anyone more than her.
"When I was a young boy my father took me into the city" Blared from her pocket,
She took out her phone and looked at the caller ID
"Sorry but I need to take this" She said walking away until couldn't hear her. I watched her and then went over to Gerard, Frank and Ray.
"So how was it?" Ray asked
"Great she's on her phone right now to someone, she said she needed to take it" I said
"Thats good, were all going to head home in about twenty minutes just t let you know and Franks driving" Gerard said 
"Finally! We get to go home!" I shouted, everyone started laughing at me even I was laughing at myself. Sofia came over but didn't look so happy, she looked hurt.
"What up?" I asked her hugging her tightly
"Darren, he killed himself"