First proper blog in a while!

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First proper blog in a while!

The last one was just an update so, i'll post a proper blog now.

Well, the emotional roller-coaster ride of being a teenager continues as always. Well really, do you blame me? Exam stress, losing friends and homework just get to you, doesn't it? Everything is changing all too quickly for my liking. For example, my best friend of nine years is moving. She's only moving an hour away but that is an hour too far. She's possibly moving school and I won't get to see her everyday like I have done for nine years. It's making me upset but, it's what's best for her right now.

On the music side of things, my Panic! At The Disco ticket has been dispatched! Can we all just appreciate it for a moment? Thank you. My signed Blackout album also arrived on Friday there, it has now became my favourite CD I own. Furthermore, I may be getting a new bass! The Mikey Way Mustang Bass to be exact and quite Frankly, I cannot wait.

As for the break up of MCR, I'm still not over it. Do you expect anyone to be over it though? The band saved my life, they shaped who I am, they made me a better person then one day, they're just gone. So yeah, still grieving over that but as the saying goes, things only get worse before the get better, right? Thought so.

Now, to conclude the blog, I want to know what you guys think of this. It's my English essay, persuasive to be exact. The topic is on people being judged for being 'emo' and the drastic outcomes of that. The topics i'm discussing is Kurt Cobain's suicide, Sophie Lancaster's death, Gerard Way's depression, Alex Gaskarth's fan speech, Gerard Way's fan speech and the 90 Iraq students stoned to death for wearing skinny jeans and having 'emo' haircuts.
I quite like my essay but I wanted the opinions of others so, do you guys think it's a good idea? Please tell me!

As for the photo, I just like it a lot seeing as I took it and it's fucking Fall Out Boy, okay bye ily.