Every part of this makes me laugh (POEM)

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Every part of this makes me laugh (POEM)

We ran through the woods laughing,
The cops made us what we are, criminals.
You took my hand and guided me to the dark, nut I never hesitated
This would be my life now, Dark and cold but always yours.

We ran through the same woods with something different each night,
The wolves that followed us, they never made it out alive
The venom that danced along the ground made me smile
You told me I was an angle when infact I was the devil

The cold hearted blood, the warm hearted decisions
You let me leave them all behind and forget my worries
I will thank you but not right now,

The way you made me feel likei belonged was always the best,
You taught me that I should never be afraid to keep on living
This was everything top to me and you stayed beside me along the way,
Dear mother, you are my saviour.