Can I Have A Small Favour please?

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Can I Have A Small Favour please?

Um well yeah, I need you guys to do something for me!
Can you all please click this link >>>><<< it's one of my tweets and all you need to do is click on the actual link on the tweet as it gives me a chance to meet my idols All Time Low. Words cannot explain how much they have helped me.

Like My Chemical Romance, they have helped me through some really tough times and all I want to do is meet them and let them know that. I have a letter written for Jack Barakat that i have had for two years as I haven't been given the chance to meet him and give him it so please, all I want is to meet them and I will never ask for anyone to do anything again. Please?

It will only take two minutes at the most, all you do is click or copy and paste the link I have given to my tweet ( and then click on the link given there and that's it! Please please do this for me? Give a girl her dream. It would mean the absolute world to me.

If you favourite the tweet when done so, i'll give you all a follow! Please!