Everybody Wants To Change The World: Chapter Two - If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat

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Chapter Two - If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat

There was a loud thud and then the car was airbourne for a moment or two. Suddenly it crashed back against the ground and immediately it shot off through the dunes.
"Step on it!"
The velvet voice carried out the open window as dry dirt rose into the air and began to swirl gently before it was pushed again. Five white motorcylces with black logos on the front, a black bar with a strange happy face above it.
A man with fire colored hair turned in his seat and stared out of the back window, his eyes narrowing as he spotted the logos. Then his squinted expression turned into a full glare when he noticed one of the men, not he couldn't call them men anymore, not after all the things that they had done. When he noticed one of the creatures was reaching for a holster strapped to the side of the bike. A black gloved had gripped the handle of the pure white raygun. Quickly he turned back, his eyes becoming glued to the road, or lack thereof.
As another one of the men in the Trans-Am glanced out the back mirror a grimace played along his lips as his eyes hardened. Then he felt a soft tug on the arm of his jacket. His brown eyes darted down to the girl that sat beside him. Immediately his eyes softened and he gave her a soft smile that she quickly returned. Her eyes glittered between a bright hazel and a slight shade of brown as he gave her curls a playful tug before turning his attention back to the five motorcycles that were starting to pull up beside them.
A man with ebony hair that sat on the other side of the girl swiftly pulled a bright green raygun from the holster that jostled against his ribs. He fought back a sigh until he caught the girl's gaze. She gave him a dazzling smile that he acknowledged with a grin of his own before standing up and putting his torse through the sun-roof.
The creatures in white jumpsuits and strange masks that displayed fangs dropping from behind pale red lips and a wild mane of black hair quickly noticed him. A quickly fired jet of light narrowly missed the ebony haired man as he ducked into the car. Then he was back in the sun-roof as he pulled the trigger once, twice, three times. Green rays of light blasted from the barrel of his gun as he smirked when two of the creatures fell but the other swerved so as not to get hit.
Then he was out of view again, his head quickly hidden behind the metal roof of the car when a ray blasted against it. Smoke billowed from the hood of the car as a black scorch mark became visible beneath the grey veil. Just as the man was about to stand through the sun roof again a hand shot out and grabbed the front of his dark green vest jacket. Quickly his eyes that flickered a strange shade of amber darted to the set of light brown eyes. The brown narrowed in a way that both threatened but begged, silently warning the man in the green vest jacket.
He nodded and then stood up again, but this time the man with dark brown curls took a place beside him. They shared a small grin as the man with curls and dark brown eyes drew a dark blue raygun from his holster. Together, they aimed towards the three remaining creatures and swiftly pulled the trigger. Then with eyes that revealed nothing, they watched the scorch marks begin to billow a thick cloud of dark grey smoke that slightly obscured their vision.
Slowly the smoke cleared as they pulled farther away from the scene but there on the dry earth were three bodies all clothes in white jumpsuits. Some distance away the motorcycles were on the ground, the motors still emmitting puffs of noxious gas. Still, farther back, two more bodies were just small bumps in the ground that reflected the sunlight in thick streams.
The two men standing in the sun roof nodded to each other and shared a quick hi-five before sliding back into the car and grinning at their friends. The man with fire hair smiled at them through the review mirror before slowly beginning to ease his foot off of the gas pedal. Now that the immediate danger was gone he felt no need to have the pedal stuck to the floor.
The Trans-Am eased into a steady but still accelerated speed as they crashed through dune after dune, then the fire haired man smiled to himself. He quickly reached for the dial on the radio that issued a long squeal of static as the station switched from one dead transmission to another. Then a gruff voice echoed from the speakers.
"Look Alive, Sunshine."
The four men shared a quick glance and the girl sat forwards in her seat, her eyes suddenly glued to the radio.
"109 in the sky but the pigs won't quit! You're here with me, Dr. Death Defying."
Another smile that crossed their lips.
"I'll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter. Pumping out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you live."
The man with ebony hair fought back a smile as slightly warped sounds echoed underneath the voice that slipped from the speaker.
"A systerm failure for the masses. Anti-matter for the master plan. Louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny!"
A soft chuckle filled the car as Dr. Death Defying's voice spilled from one of the last live radio lines.
"This one's for all you rock 'n' rollers, all you crash queens and motor babies."
Then the sound spiraled out of control, there was guitars, bass, drums. They screeched together, making a strange yet beautiful sound. It was some of the only music that they had heard for a while. While Dr. Death Defying's station was one of the only working ones left, it was rather difficult to get his station on the air.
"Listen Up! The Future is Bulletproof! The Aftermath is Secondary! It's time to do it now and do it loud!"
The guitars leaked through more defined. The riffs shaking the speakers and then the drums and bass wove a heavy beat. It pounded against the groups eardrums and they couldn't fight back the full out grin that stretched across their lips.
"Killjoys! Make Some Noise!"
And then the song was blasting through the car. Quickly the man with sandy hair and light brown eyes that bordered in hazel grabbed the small wheel and twisted it victoriously. The volume increased and the sound of music spilled through every inch of the Trans-Am.
The frame of the car shook with the sheer forcer of the music and it splashed out the open windows, quickly spreading through the sand.
This was their fast-paced lives.