Everybody Wants To Change The World: Chapter Twelve - Hear The Knock, Knock, Knock, When She Cries...

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Chapter Twelve - Hear The Knock, Knock, Knock, When She Cries...

There was a quiet roaring that gradually heightened in sound. The sand crunched noisily as the tires passed over it, pushing the grains against each other.
The black vehicle passed over the parched ground. Sunlight glittered and danced off of the still polished paint. It sparkled on the while logo printed across the hood of the car. The brakes squealed and the vehicle pulled to a harsh stop. Quickly the passenger's side door opened and a man stepped out. There was another loud squeal as the vehicle pulled away, quickly driving out of view.
A man stood in the dry desert, his eyes almost black in color roaming over every inch that he could see. Silently he inspected each dip and rise of the tan ground before he glanced towards the dark brown building. Small sediments stuck to the stiches of his pants and boots that were folded down at the top. A dark brown, ornately decorated vest covered a beige shirt. The ruffles of the collar hung over the edges of the vest, tossing gently as a rare gust of wind bellowed past him. A strange grey coat fell to the back of his knees, the arms to the knuckles of his thumbs. More ruffles tapped against his skin, hardly providing a discomfort. A black belt was strapped through the loops of his pants, a holster hanging against his right thigh. The whiteness of a raygun shimmered as the sunlight glanced off of it and then he was moving.
There was a soft tapping noise as a plastic casing tapped against his belt. The sun glared against it for a minute or two and then a single black word was visible. Typed out in thick letters was the word, 'BL/ind'.
He didn't give the tapping sound a second thought and continued to walk, his hollow, sunken eyes scanned over every inch of the dilapitated building. Pieces of wood hung from certain boards and words were painted across it. The door was pressed tightly into the frame, the lock slipped closed. Then there was movement.
The white curtain that lay on the opposite side of the glass window shifted and there was a brief glimpse of brightly colored cloth.
A soft smirk crossed the pale man's face as he moved his hand to the white raygun humming loudly in the dark black holset. His boots thudded against the ground and he paused, his free hand lifting from his side.
His knuckles fell against the hard wood of the door.
A malicious grin spread his lips wide.
A quiet sob was heard from the opposite side of the door.

"Vera, are you sure you can stand on it okay?"
Concern laced Jet Star's voice as Vera Vanity pulled herself off the table, avoiding the small puddle of blood that had dripped from her leg. Party Poison's eye twitched as he eyed the way the sun glittered against the scarlet liquid. Kobra Kid laid a gloved hand against his brothers shoulder, giving him a comforting squeeze. Quickly Fun Ghoul darted forward and wiped the already blood-stained towel across the top, making sure there wasn't a fraction of it left before dropping the rag into the bowl of water and remocing it from the table.
Party Poison sighed, letting out the breath he didn't know he had been holding. He gave Fun Ghoul a grateful look, even though he knew it was more his impulse to have everything clean rather than concern for his friend. As he threw the look towards the ebondy-haired man he could see his anber eyes scrutinizing the table, doing another once over the spot he had just cleaned. With an eye roll he looked away from Fun Ghoul and back to the new girl.
She shifted gingerly into her leg, testingly putting her weight into it before she nodded. Her eyes darted back up, no longer inspecting the gauze covering her wound and giving them all a once over.
"How'd you get the shrapnel in your leg?" Zany Dead asked as she leaned back against the counter, her arms crossing lazily.
Vera Vanity's eyes darted over to her, observing the way Zany Dead's eyes shimmered brightly in the shadow of her hair.
"I was fighing a group of Dracs. One of them set off one of the land mines they had just set up and once the count down started I ducked behind a rock. It went off just as I landed but a piece of it got me in the leg."
Her voice was low, not quiet shy but not really straight-forward either. Fun Ghoul opened his mouth to speak but then there was the sound of static. Immediately he snapped his jaw shut. All sets of eyes flew to the device that had issued the noise.
Kobra Kid was already beside the transmitter, climbing down from the counter he hurriedly grabbed the CB and pushed against the button.
"Dr. D!" Relief flooded his voice and he immediately let go of the button, wanting to make sure he didn't miss anything he said.
"Kobra," it was a rushed voice, "I need you for a mission. Are Ghoul, Poison, and Jet there as well."
Party Poison was across the counter as well, reaching for the CB, his brother passed it to him.
"We're here, we have others with us as well."
Party Poison's eyes were no longer aflame, instead they were still. They didn't dance with joy or hope, they were simply two hazel orbs set into his face.
"I need you to go to the house a few miles away from you. You need to hurry, Korse is there."
A fire was ablaze again. Absolute anger contorted Party Poison's face as he pressed the button down.
"We got it."
His voice was full of fury, thick and dangerous as he hissed into the CB and quickly slammed it back beside the radio.

The vehicles rumbled, almost expressing the absolute anger that threatened to consume him. The man moved the curtain, his eyes flashed to the four vehicles that glittered in the horizon, coming closer as every second ticked past. His hand shook around the handle of the raygun that he held. His lips moved quickly, muttering a broken sentence every few seconds.
"Will take care of them."
"Won't make it out."
"Won't fail."
Then he stopped. His eyes flashed a dangerous black and he released his hold of the curtain.

The car door slammed loudly as Party Poison jumped from the car. The bright yellow raygun hummed in his hand almost in anticipation as he bolted across to the already open door. Dread twisted in the pit of his stomach as he was joined by the rest of the group and he nodded. As a whole, they entered the building, their rayguns held aloft.
Party Poison turned to the group gathered behind him and motioned to them. Pointing at Screeching Cola, Norther Lights, Cyanide Killer, Moonlit Suicide, and Missile Kid he pointed them down one of the two halls. They nodded and went down the hallway, each holding their raygun tightly, adjusting their grip slightly.
He nodded again, and began to move down the other hallway. Slowly, he pointed them to different room to search for anyone who might be hiding in them. As they broke off from each other he made his way to the far end of the hall he could see the door was slowly swinging on it's hinges. He could feel something twisting in his guts but he couldn't read it, just feel the way it coiled. As he entered the room his eyes immediately went to the bed.
There was a person, or at least what had been a person.
The body was mangled, blood splattered the clothing, clothing that looked so like Fun Ghouls. Tears pricked his eyes and Party Poison was glad for the wolf mask that covered the bodies face otherwise he knew he would have started crying.
Then he felt it.
He cursed himself as he felt the stale breath that fanned across his face. Two hands gripped his face, bringing his gaze to the dark eyes that held only fury and triumph.
It twisted briefly in his head before absolute regret and sadness crossed his heart.
His friends, they would all be left behind now, he wouldn't be here for them. He wouldn't be able to help them anymore. HIs eyes widened as the man yelled to get his attention.
They connected gazes. Their eyes meeting for a second and then Party Poison could feel someone grip the back of his coat.
He was jerked back, he fell against the floor, throwing his hands out to his sides before he hit the ground. Then he snapped his eyes up and saw it.
Her foot lifted, arcing in the air for a second. Then it met it's mark with a loud but muffled thud. Right between his legs her foot collided with a satisfying sound.
Zany Dead smirked softly to herself as the man hit the floor. Then anger filled her gaze as she quickly whirled and pulled Party Poison off the ground.
"We have to get the hell out of here!"
There was a question lingering in the air and then Party Poison saw it, the blinking light in the man's ear.
He was out of the room, Zany Dead flying out after him, leaving the man on the floor in agony.
"Where's Missile Kid?"
His voice was a roar as he found his half of the group gathered in the hallway.
"She's with the others..." Jet Star spoke, clearly trying not to question Party Poison to much in this state.
"They're tracking Korse! They know we're here and they've been going after Missile! She's not safe!"
Kobra Kid quickly grabbed his brother's shoulders and gave him a shake.
"She's with th..."
He was cut off by the sound of barreling footsteps. They all turned, preparing to pull the trigger of their rayguns only to see the other group.
"Missile's gone!"
Dreas. Fear. Anger.
It all warred in his chest as Party Poison reached a hand to his heart and clutched at it. He had failed. He couldn't feel it deep in his chest as it all twisted and sprung, like a snake.
Missile Kid was gone.
Then it flared again. His eyes were on fire, sparking as he looked at his friends who were clearly distraught.
"We're gonna get her back. Even if it kills me, I'll make sure we get her back."