Everybody Wants To Change The World: Chapter Sixteen - But I Believe We're The Enemy

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Chapter Sixteen - But I Believe We're The Enemy

A snarl.
Missile Kid jolted awake, her eyes flying open, the growl still echoeing in her ears. Her light brown orbs whirled across the desert land, taking in every shrub and rock that rested against the ground. Then she stopped, her eyes widening in fear and disbelief as she clutched the robot closer to her chest.
Her voice was stuck in her throat, not able to get out a single sound as the white clad suit, marred with dirt swooped closer to her. Then a clawed hand curved around her arm.
A soft shriek finally managed to slip out as she was jerked to her feet. One hand held tightly to the toy robot in while her other arm was held tightly in the clawed and gloved hands. With halted steps she tried to stop followed after the Draculoid.
'Poison," she whispered as she was dragged after the white clad Draculoid. "They're coming to help me." She whimpered and stumbled forward another step.

Party Poison grimaced to himself as the sun rose higher into the sky and his bright hazel eyes, that were darkened by anger and fear, danced along the horizon. Kobra Kid was close behind him, his eyes glowing in the blazing yellow sun that flared against the sky like a beacon.
Fun Ghoul stared at the groun, searching for any tracks besides the ones that they had previously made. Jet Star studied each of his friends, watching them with worry as fear ate away at his heart.
A heavy sigh seemed to sit upon their shoulders, pulling them deeper and deeper into the earth with guilt and sadness as they searched. The silence was thick around them as they stared, trying to hold back tears and brushing them off as sand in their eyes, and held their heads high with hope. Finally it was broken.
'We need to seperate so we can search better."
Party Poison spoke in a voice with no infliction...he just spoke, his eyes dull as he turned away from the sun and let the rays stop hitting his face.
"We'll just spread out over this dune range and see if we can find Missile anywhere."
They all nodded, not trusting their voices enough to speak out loud. Slowly they walked in seperate directions, their hands resting on thier rayguns as they took each careful step forward.

They searched, one hour passing quickly followed by another until the sun was higher in the sky and they had to circle back. Party Poison bit his lip harsly, drawing small beads of blood that he grimaced at, as he saw each of his friends shake their head when they returned. Then he turned away from them. A loud snarl sounding as each of them pulled their rayugn with the grace of an expert from the holsters.
Quickly they were firing at each other, the shots bounding around the desert land, colliding with the canyons around them that stretched to the sky.
"Guys! Move!" Party Poison shouted, his voice carrying over the blasts of the raygun as they scattered, a group of Draculoids chasing after each one.
They were moving, rushing to each try and get out of the blasts and at the same time sending shot after shot over their shoulder.
'Sonuva...." Fun Ghoul swore under his breath as he tripped over a rock in the ground and tumbled to the floor.
Quickly he whirled onto his back, his raygun lifting into the air as he pulled the trigger and shot down the nearest Drac. A sigh of relief exited his lungs as he let his arms fall back to the Earth and pushed himself up from the ground.

Jet Star rushed to the other direction, his feet carrying his across the rough terrain with suprising ease. And then he paused, whirling on the tip of his foot to face the Draculoids that chased after him. His finger pulled the trigger, a bright ray shooting forth and hitting a Drac squarely in the chest.
Then he ducked, his glasses still covering his eyes from the burning hot sun as he would fire then dodge. One by one the pack of Dracs began to fall to the brilliant flaming rays that sprung forth like actual flames. As one of the Draculoids stood in the midst of his companions bodies Jet Star grimaced, raised his raygun and pulled the trigger. The Draculoid fell to the ground, it's body crumpling as the ray collided with it.
Jet Star fought back a full frown and pulled his rayugn back to his holster, then there was a shuffle. His head snapped to the side, searching for the source of the noise and then a loud crash sounded. Pain exploded across his face and he recoiled in shock, his eyes flying shut and his hand traveling up to his face. His curled in on himself as the pain centered around his right eye and he could feel the droplets of blood that splashed onto his fingers.
He was blinded, the scarlet liquid staining his eyesight as he struggled to wipe it away. His feet carried him backwards of their own accord as a remaining Draculoid advanced towards him. Heavy eyelids rapidly shut and opening, attempting to push the thick, warm blood from his face. On shaky legs he tumbled to the ground when a heavy force collided into his side.
"Jet! Stay down!"
The voice echoed in his ears as he still tried to remove as much of the blood from his eye as possible. Through his left eye he looked up to see Kobra Kid raising his bright red raygun and pulling the trigger.

Party Poison swore beneath his breath as he ran up the steep slope and ducked behind one of the larger rocks. His rayugn almost seemed to fire of its own accord as his finger pulled the trigger repeatedly, dropping the Draculoids like flies with a fly-swatter. His eyes were like the dancing flames of a campfire as they flashed in the sunlight and reflected the shooting rays of light.
As the last Draculoid fell he fought back what might have been a smile...
Then he heard it.
It was soft but it was there.
The soft voice that he hadn't heard...the soft voice that they were searching for...
His voice was loud and he didn't care. His feet bounded across the desert, the sand shifting as he flew like a bat out of hell. His eyes were flaring with tears as he tried to see her.
There it was again, this time softer and then it died..slowly fading as the wind carried it past him.
Then his voice too died...slowly fading as he raced..not knowing exactly where he was going but knowing that he had to get there fast.