Everybody Wants To Change The World: Chapter One - Look Alive, Sunshine

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Everybody Wants To Change The World: Chapter One - Look Alive, Sunshine

Hey! Here's the link to the prologue if anyone wants to read it.
And I would like to thank the people who commented on it. Thank you! It means so much to me! Well, here's the first chapter, hope ya'll like it.

Chapter One - Look Alive, Sunshine

Year 2019

There was the sound of crunching gravel as man clad in roller blades shot down the highway. A black slip was clenched tightly in his hand and the sun glinted brightly off his helmet. He rushed down the desolate road before suddenly veering off the street. Quickly he approached a brightly sprayed shack and grabbed one of the panels.
It slid aside as he slipped past it and immediately went to the side of a man with large black glasses that reflected what little light entered the building. He gave the skate-clad man and imstantly grabbed the record from his hands. His voice continued to slip into the micrphone where it broadcasted across the desert.
The man in skates leaned against the desk, his shirt loosely falling off his shoulder, the word NOISE slightly crumpled. His tights still a suprisingly pure shade of white with bright blue polka dots and a black thong pulled on over the tights. His face wasn't visible behind a bright blue helmet with white stars that blinked through the light.
He leaned over to the man in the wheelchair, a brown bandana tied tightly around his head, and a tangled mess of dark hair that fell just past his shoulders. The sleeves of his thick jacket were pulled up as he slipped the record with gloved hands onto the turntable. He dropped the needle onto the record and continued to speak as the steady sound of guitars leaked through the speakers.
The lanky man turned on his skates and reached for a pink raygun with a black dotted line running down the barrel. He twirled in a quick circle as the music started and aimed the gun across the shack towards the panel he had stepped through moments before. As the sound of guitars screeching fast riffs, heavy bass lines, pounding drum beats, and loud vocals filled the small room the panel shifted.

The four men stood in the diner, all looking towards their own pile of clothes on the table before them. A green, yellow, red, and blue raygun each lay side by side. They glinted slightly as the sun reflected off the paint and then they were laying in dull shadow again. Then there was a soft scuffling sound as a small girl with wild curls framing her face reached towards the blue raygun and quickly lifted it towards a man with dark brown curls that fell to his shoulders. He offered her a soft smile and set the raygun in the holster on his hip.
Another man with bright red hair grabbed a blue jacket and quicly pulled it up his arms, the sleeves stopping halfway past his elbow. There was another sound of shifting as the man with fiery red hair gripped the belt loops of what must have previously been white jeans, but were now covered in sand, and pulled them up farther on his hips. Then he quickly grabbed the yellow raygun from the table and and slipped it into the dark brown holster in his left leg. A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he tugged a hand through the tangled mat of red hair. He pulled it away from his face and pushed it all back.
The man with sandy blonde hair pulled a dark pair of glasses onto his face and supressed a soft grimace. Then he caught the girl's eye. He raised a corner of his mouth in a half-smile as she proceeded to pull a large grin at him. His spirits slightly lifted at seeing the joy on her face, he pulled the red raygun from the table and placed it in the faded holster hanging from his right shoulder, leaning just against his ribs.
The last man in the room, stood with dark hair that shimmered a strange shade of black when the light hit it. He tied a blue bandana around his neck and adjusted it against his chest. Then he placed a pair of sunglasses atop his head and pulled the long strands of ebony hair behind his ear. He reached for the last green raygun and pulled the holster that hung from his left shoulder forwards and smoothly placed it into the safe grip.
The small group turned to the front door in the diner and left their small piece of heaven in their hellish world. They stopped just outside the doorway and stared towards the dirt stained Trans-Am before them. The spray paint still holding tightly to the body of the car. 'Vaya' written along the right side of the vehicle. A sun-faded black spider spread across the hood of it. And a flag sprayed along the right side of the car.
For a moment the group stared at the shabby looking car in adoration. Yeah, it looked rather beat up but it sure as hell got them out of a lot of trouble. The wheels were slightly worn from all the times they had pressed it faster than it should really go in the rough gravel. The sun roof and widows always pulled open to let in any hint of wind.
Then the two men who stood in the front turned to look at each other. The red haired man fighting back a smile as he turned and exchanged a quick glance with the ebony haired man. Bright hazel met a darker shade of amber before they turned back to the vehicle and quickly pulled the doors open.
The man with vivid hair slipped into the driver's seat and quickly pulled out of the diner's desolate parking lot. Dirt flew into the air as the tires squealed and grasped for purchase against the parched earth.

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