Everybody Wants To Change The World: Chapter Five - I Hope You're Ready For A Firefight

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Chapter Five - I Hope You're Ready For A Firefight

A moment.
Just a moment.
The desert was illuminated in a bright light that almost burned their retinas, but they were to absorbed in what was in front of them. There, roughly three or four yards away from them, stood a group of Draculoids. The creatures surrounded them, a writhing mass of white clothed beings that snarled quietly and curled their hands aorund their rayguns. It was nearly impossible to see all of the Draws, they stood in no particular formation, just simply stood and watched through the black holes of their masks. Their eyes not showing, only two gaping holes.
It lasted a moment as they stared in shock before them, then Party Poison dodged a blazing ray of light that show directly at him. He ducked quickly and gripped the edge of one of the branches that was protuding from the fire. His torso jerked back up and he held the burning branch before him. His other hand flew to his face and pulled the goggles down, the light from the fire blurring the night vision that it provided.
The creature at the front of the group cocked it's head and then more gutteral growls ripped through the air. Screeching Cola whirled around when she heard the clicking of a trigger. Just as she moved a jet of light swished past, narrowly missing her. Swiftly she pulled Missile Kid behind her, pressing her farther back as she lifted the bright orange gun before her, the other hand pressed tightly against the young girl.
The four men turned to face out towards the desert, each holding their raygun in front of them, fingers clenching and unclenching around the trigger. Their back were faced towards each other, all standing in a loose circle aroung the youngest, Missile Kid. Each of them were waiting, for a sign, a movement from someone to make the first move. Then it was made.
"Oh, shity." Zany Dead murmured to herself as she took an unwavered step forward.
Her eyes warring between their usual light brown and the neon yellow color as the flames danced along her face, casting in shadow and then lighting it up again. Her right arm was entended, a raygun held tightly in her hand. From a far inspection it seemed to be a solid bright green color but upon closer investigating it slid from one color to the next. First to a violent aqua blue and then to a strange violet color. The one color that remained unchanging was the black trimming along the edge. The words 'HAHA' were painted along the barrel and then two faces, one a wide grin and the other a tongue sticking out in a way that laughed at you, were printed on the other side. Then on the barrel of the gun the word 'Zany' was written in shaky, muti-colored letters. As the gun began to change colors again some of the letters were lost but then quickly reappeared when the gun shifted.
There was a loud blast, one of the Draculoids on the front was thrown backwards from the force in which the ray hit him. It's body lay spread across the desert floor, completely motionless. The others that grouped around the group in front of them let out small growls and lifted their own pure white rayguns. Then, one of then returned the gun shot.
There was chaos.
Jet of light flashed, lighting up the clearing for a moment and then it faded. So it repeated, a flash, a loud bang and then an occasional thud as a body hit the ground. The large clan of white dressed Draculoids advanced slowly but steadily as they shot off round after round, leaving the small group to twist, turn, and dodge each fiery shot.
Screeching Cola kept her back to the young girl, always tugging and prodding her out of the way of a gun blast. Just as she turned and pushed Missile Kid out of the way of another ray of light her eyes traveled to her friend with glowing eyes. There were quick flashes of bright yellow as she twisted and turned, preoccupied with dodging and returned the rays that she didn't notice the Draculoid attempting to sneak up behind her.
"Zany!" She called out in a loud voice, trying to be heard over the loud blasts as she quickly shot another Draculoid out of her way.
Her blue eyes danced in the fire that was quickly starting to dim as a layer of dirt began to cover it. One of her hands tightly clenched the bright orange raygun to her chest, the painting of Hello Kitty in it's handle facing outward. The cat with large eyes and a small bow between its ears grinning in a descreet way, although no smile was visible. Her other hand held fast to Missile Kid's hand, not letting her stray from her line of vision on a battle as fierce as this.
Zany Dead heard a faint voice over the sound of blasts but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the group of Draculoids in front of her. She twisted this way, and that, quickly ducking only to rise to her feet less than a second later and shoot out another few rounds. Her body was barely noticeable as she swiftly moved from one move to anther, finding a way to sneak a shot off to her left before she had pulled the raygun back towards the Draculoids before her.
Then she heard a loud yelp behind her. She gave a quick glance behind her to see Screeching Cola directly behind her. Her body still covering Missile Kid's as she held tightly to a raygun in one hand and a pitch black taser in the other. A single crackling string of burning electricity traveled from one point to the other, snapping loudly as it ran a bright blue stream. The Draculoid squealed once more before falling limply to the ground. The blue light burned brightly in the quickly advancing darkness before it was switched off. The two girls exchanged a quick glance before Screeching Cola twirled back around, her tazer safely back in her belt strap, and her raygun shooting off more rounds.

"Son of a...!"
Party Poison cut off mid-sentence as he pulled the raygun trigger again, taking down a Draculoid that had come to close to Kobra Kid. He quickly moved to the blonde man's side, placing their backs closer to each other as he shot down another growling creature. His hair was illuminated in the light and then it faded to a dark mahogany color when the light would fade, only to light again when another shot was fired.
He whirled around, his hazel eyes, ablaze from the fire and jets of light, going to that of the shorter man. Fun Ghoul grimaced as he held his raygun high with both hands, flexing his grip around the handle until he realized he had his friend's attention.
"There's to many of them! And we can't see them clearly because it's to dark!"
His amber eyes flared for a second as he pulled the trigger of his bright green raygun, and another white clad body tumbled to the ground.
"Jet! Where's Missile?" Party Poison called over to the man with dark curly locks.
"She's with Screech!"
There was another blast and Jet Star ducked, narrowly avoiding the bright ray of light that shot past where his head had been just a second before.
"Poison!" The red-head angled himself towards Kobra Kid, the man who looked so alike yet so different at the same time his brother, slightly inclining his head to show he had heard him but continuing to shoot. "We can't hold them off much longer!"
He held back a heavy sigh of defeat as his brothers words reached him. The next second he was pulling the trigger of his raygun and listening to an empty click as the charge that usually hummed through his raygun quieted to a low whisper. It needed time to recharge itself, needed time that he didn't have. He bit angrily in his lip and then, as a Draculoid neared him, thrust his fist forwards.
He felt his fingers pop as air escaped from between the bones and his hand crashed against the Draculoids jaw. It stumbled backwards, momentarily stunned from the force that it was hit with. Then it was knocked completely off it's feet as Kobra Kid shot a quick round at it with his red raygun. It lay across the desert ground for a second, undisturbed and then one of the other Drauloids surged forward, quickly trotting over it's companions body.
Party Poison stumbled backwards, his hand aching from the sudden force that had nearly broken his fingers and his gun useless in its holster. He glanced anxiously around to see Fun Ghould spot him, only to have his path blocked by another Draculoid. He took another step back as his boot caught on a rock that jutted out from the ground.
In the second that it took him to right himself on his feet the creature had already raised it's weapon. A pure white raygun help straight towards the center of his forehead as he stared down the barrel of the weapon. As his eyes narrowed, ready to die at this moment he heard a loud blast. Before his eyes a bright yellow light exploded only, it hadn't hit him as he had expected.
The Draculoid aiming directly towards his head swayed for a fraction of a second before falling with a particularly loud thud. Bright hazel eyes snapped up, scanning the clearing as more shots were sounded but there were to many for it just to be the small group that he stayed with. Then he spotted them.
First it was simply a blur of red that ran by and then a second blur of red ran in the opposite direction. Bright rays of yellow and blue filled the clearing and slowly each Draculoid fell until there were only bodies piled on the ground. A soft amount of smoke filled the clearing, billowing gently from the scorched bodies of the creatures that littered the grounds. Then slowly, two figures stepped into view.
Their relation was obvious, both stood at approximately the same height. Eyes sparkling in the almost extinguished firelight a brilliant shade of green. And their hair was a dark shade of red, not as bright as that of Party Poison's dye but not dark enough to look brown. They were twins, brothers like Party Poison and Kobra Kid.
The first stood, angling himself slightly infront of his brother, his raygun still drawn and slightly smoking from the tip. It was a darker shade of black with yellow spots covering it from the handle to the tip of the barrel. His legs were clad in black boots, a strange faux leather that were laced tightly up to his thighs. When they stopped his jeans that were a shade of red brighter than his hair were visible. A white shirt was worn loosely over his torse, many different colored paint splatters thrown across it. And in the hand opposite the one holding the raygun, was a dark red gasmask with large and small spikes protuding from it.
Behind him, his brother stood. His hair in a slight disarray, and his bright orange raygun also drawn, bright green stripes running throughout it. He clutched it tightly in his palm as he studying the group before him, and they stared at him right back. A pair of dark boots reached up to his knees where a pair of black jeans became visible. The jeans were obviously a bit loose on him, hanging slightly on his waist and falling over the top of his boots. A dark green t-shirt fell over the top of his jeans, buttoning up to his chest where a dark blue shirt was noticeable. Then placed around his neck, and leaning on his chest was a white surgical mask. It had a strange orange tint to it from all the sand that had blasted agaist it but visible in large black font were the words, 'MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.'
The group gaped at them for a second, taking in the twins who stood before them. Then Party Poison made a noise of relief, everyone now turning their gaze to him. Missile Kid stumbled forward, now that the Draculoids were all gone Screeching Cola had finally released her, and smiled widely at the two in front of her.
"Hi!" She said, smiling brightly.
Now that all hints of danger were gone, she was back to being her bubbly self, making friends with most people and preserving what little was left of her stolen childhood. Party Poison smiled down at her and gently lay a hand on her shoulder before turning his gaze to the two boys before him.
"Thank you.." He trailed off, not knowing who exactly he was thanking.
"Cyanide Killer." It was the boy who stood in the front who replied. A soft smile playing along her lips as he saw the small girl in the front, grinning at him. He brought his gaze back up, "And this is my brother Northern Lights."
The one behind him smiled softly, nodding his head. The group each exchanged their names again, easily falling into an easy banter, grateful to the two who had saved them. Then Party Poison felt someone staring at him. He turned to see Zany Dead staring at him intently, her eyes slightly narrowed but a smile growing around the edges of her lips.
Screeching Cola stiffled a laugh and turned to nudge Kobra Kid with her elbow. The blonde smiled to himself and watched his brother look around nervously for a second before meeting the gaze of her glowing eyes.
"Busted," Fun Ghoul sang from his perch beside Jet Star who rolled his eyes but tried not to laugh.
The two newcomers, Cyanide Killer and Northern Lights, looked around confused for a second before they spotted Party Poison's unease. They shared a quick glance and nodded before turning back to watch the exchange.
"Hey, Zany," he said, looked around with a confused glance for another second before returning her gaze.
"More dangerous to travel at night?" She asked with a soft snort as the group around them howled with laugher. "Next time, we're not bunking in the middle of the desert because it's dark. There's a reason for the lights on cars you know."
Party Poison cracked a grin at her, "Okay, I get the point."
They settled back into their spots around the newly formed fire. Soaking in the warmth and rare feeling of happiness as they basked in their new friendships.

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