PIERCING TIME ONCE AGAIN!! <3 (Well for me anyway)

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PIERCING TIME ONCE AGAIN!! <3 (Well for me anyway)

well, I guess it's that time again! Piercing time! The time when I decide that it's time for new metal things in my face!
And I NEED HELP deciding what I should get.
I am not new to the piercing game, I've already had quite a few done, but out of unfortunate circumstances had to take some out, from complications and such, as a result, I currently only have my nostril, ( at a 14g) my off center labret (also 14g) and my earlobes. (16g) and I am quite ready for a new piercing or two, now mind you, I have a goal of about 9 more piercings I want done, and because I don't want to overload myself, so I can only get one or two at a time (sad face)

here are my options now:
-center labret
-off center labret
-eyebrows (both)
-or a number of ear piercings.

And I can't quite decide! D:
help meh!!

(mind you I am an adult [legally speaking xD] and don't tell me not to get anything because blah blah blah...)

Allllsssooo if anyone has piercing questions you can ask me, I am NOT a pro, but I've spent quite a while in shops, and learning about piercings, and might be able to help so yeah.
anyway, have a nice day, everyone!