So Hold On Tight And Don't Look Back

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So Hold On Tight And Don't Look Back

I have to say that I feel awful for never posting any blog entries until now.
My Chemical Romance is one of the bands that helped me through the darkest points of my life.

"I am not afraid to walk this world alone"
Hearing those words for the first time brought so much hope to me.
Through the roughest patches in my life, just that line has given me the hope that I've needed.
When no one else was there, My Chemical Romance was.

Awake and Unafraid.

I know that this may be the end in a way, but it is also a new beginning.
There is a new beginning for My Chemical Romance; they live in our hearts.
They live in the hearts of Gerard, Mikey, Frank, and Ray.

It is hard to put my feelings into words. I've had trouble focusing on many things the last few days, especially in school.
It really worries me, seeing things like how fans are starting to move on. I couldn't possibly imagine a life without MCR.
It worries me so much that I have trouble concentrating on anything else.

My Chemical Romance saved me.

And they will be apart of my life, now and forever.