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Hey guys :)

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mychemromanceluver20's picture
on August 14, 2014 - 8:52am

So I was commenting on a post and I saw this comment

skullrose wrote:

yea they did hon so every year on the death of mcr we killjoys come together and march on they may be dead but they will forever march on and jus remember they soon would have been 13 years old... teenagers!! .... "teenagers scar the living shit outta me" - Teenagers by MCR - so to avoid becomein the thing that scars gee the most they parted ways and took on new adventures ik its sad and it hurts but we will forever have the legacy they created and they will always be in our hearts telling us to carry on marching for we are soilders in the MCRmy and we have a special name 'Killjoys' they are the original Killjoys and once a killjoy always a killjoy so the future is bulletproof the aftermath is secondary so it's time to hit the red line and up-thrust the volume out there keep your boots tight keep your gun close and die with your mask on if you've got to.
stay strong stay alive

It gave me chills....... This has to be the best comment to mcr death *gives a minuet of silence* I love this comment so much..... Oh and the pictures is basically me when they ask about the bad
Love always
~Faythe a Lopez