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Hello loves <3

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mychemromanceluver20's picture
on August 2, 2014 - 9:05am

Hey so I made this like poem type think and I want to know what you think of it

I don't get the term "words can never hurt me" they can six simple words can change a persons day four can change a persons life three can show true love and two can make a new beginning for two people yes words can make good things but the wrong ones can change a person forever they can get them depressed hate them selfs enough to commit suicide and end it all it can get that person to a point of thinking that what they are saying is true when it isn't and it's only in that persons eyes that they see that it is as if one can hate you but many can love you by when that person uses those words against you all the time they start to believe that it's true and I don't get why the other uses the things that they know that will hurt the most against another person it makes me wonder what makes them do and say that but it's the simple point of the saying "words can never hurt me" yes they can and they can either change a life and make it better or ruin another

So Ill take judgemt or anything just want to know how this is. I made it when I was getting bullied really bad and teachers said words can never hurt you
Ps oh my friend sent me that pic when I was sad about mcr so yea xD
Love always ~ Faythe A Lopez