FANFIC! "we all fall down"

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FANFIC! "we all fall down"

So this is the first chapter ,, the others chapters are posted on my blog too ... enjoy :)

Chapter 1: You're just a sad song

Camille’S P.O.V:

“So you feel ?” he look at me with a pen in hand

“Fine ,i guess”

“There is anything you want to share?”

“Not really”

“Well ,then i guess that’s enough for today .See you next week!”

“See ya”

Geez! I hate go to the psychologist ! i mean how in hell he can help me ,nobody can. Neither my dad can. He was so worried at my first attempt of suicide that he doesn’t know what to do. He can’t understand why i did that. I know that he didn't deserve it .He must feel useless .i know it was wrong, i know ,is just that i didn’t wanna keep living anymore. i was so depressed after mom died that i couldn’t find another way to end it up.I’m fine now ,i guess.I mean i’m depressed sometimes but there wasn’t another attempt of suicide in almost a year .

So here i am on the bus going home.i love go on make’s me feel like i’m get in and sit don’t have to talk to anybody. you just sit and watch. I love that !
When i arrive home my dad was on the couch making out with a woman. i don’t know who was she . is always a diffrent girl ,usually younger that he. He says that she just miss mom. Well i think that’s a rare way to miss someone. so i went upstairs to my room.

God! What a mess!! I have to clean my room(i thought),, yeahh some day. It was late and i wasn't hungry so i try to sleep. But i couldn’t "fuck! I hate when i can’t sleep! ",so i opened the window and watched the moon for hours. it was so beautiful. Then i fall asleep.

“is time to get up sweetheart . i made breakfast ”

i hate school! “ok dad, i’m going”

I jump off the bed and went to my closet. i'm not that kind of girl who’s constantly aware of her image. I mean , i wasn’t in front at the mirror half of the day like the other stupid girls. Anyway I grab a black jeans, a shirt with a cassette on it and of course black converse.

Another fucking day at school.