Randomness you guys probably don't care about....

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Randomness you guys probably don't care about....

First off,
Shappy Thanksgiving!!!

If you like Blink and know about this....I got 182 on the sign!!!! Pic. to prove above.I also got 181 and 183 before that.It made me so mad.If you like Blink and have no clue what Im talking about...Click this: www.get182.com
If you dont like Blink.....ignore my rant on that.

And finally-
Ever get the feeling the person you like doesnt like you after he/she told you they did?
I DID.And then he came to me when he was crying.I thought he was ignoring me and thought I was annoying because I probably message him a lot.I feel better now though.

If you hate when people go on about crap like that ^ then ignore me....If you dont care,Go on with your day/night and pay no attention. :)

-MyChem.Em xD