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You know what I think's funny? I think it's funny when people call me emo/goth.I think it's funny when people try to tell me WHO I AM.I think it's funny when people get into my business and ask me stupid questions.Why do you care? AND TO ALL THOSE STUPID NO BRAINED PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT THINK THEY CAN MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE..HERES A HEADS UP FOR YOU,YOU ONLY HAVE FRIENDS BECAUSE EVERYONES AFRAID OF YOU.They think that if they arent your friends you'll spread things about them thats not true.And you know what?ITS TRUE. You do that all the friggin time.Im tired of it.Im not dealing with the crap anymore.You have something to say about me? KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.I know I have things that arent nice to say about some people.Do I say anything? NO! Just stop acting immature & act your age.

Was I being a little too harsh?......HA just kidding with that question....Im tired of the crap....And I stood up for myself....anyone else getting crap from people? DO THE SAME!!! :)

P.S- The pics. represent who I am.....Do I really seem goth/emo?

-Emertstien. :D