Hey guys! FVK and randomnesssss.

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Hey guys! FVK and randomnesssss.

Its been a while. Lol.

WELP, Here's an update on my life...

High school has started.It's been pretty good. I love it way more than middle school because we're all spread out and I don't see all of the people who hate me for no reason and make fun of me anymore. THANK GOD.

I've been listening to Fearless Vampire Killers a lot lately. I've known about them sense MYSPACE! Lol. They came to me though. Cool right? What if My Chem. did that? Well anyways, They live in the UK so I cant get there CD's or go to concerts. They aren't big in the US yet and that's why they wont tour over here. In their pictures that I see they meet A LOT of their fans.And I mean a lot! I just hope I can see them one day. They respond to me on twitter and facebook too. We message each other. I think its freakin awesome! And the drummer follows me on twitter! His name is Luke. But anyways they love MCR too. If they toured in the US I'd be front row no matter what. I'll upload a song with this. But to give you a description, they're very funny guys that love to rock out. :)

I guess that's all. I will most likely blog a while from now,as I always do.


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FVK's "At War with the Thirst" on their 3rd album Militia of the Lost- http://youtu.be/_FOwbM6H3-g