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I'm really freakin bored.Lol.

It's 6 in the morning and my mom was supposed to get me up so I could go to work with her and help her out. She's a preschool/daycare teacher. She left and I'm still here. Guess this means I'll have to walk in the freakin heat later to her job. Yay. NOT.

Anyone here like Smosh? I've watched their videos a couple years ago.I totally forgot about that side of YouTube until a couple days ago.I'm now obsessed all over again. AAHH. I freaking love it though.Some talented dudes that know how to make people laugh right there.If you have no clue what I'm talking about go check 'em out.And if you do know and go on their website a lot I just now finally got on there. My name is EmertTheGreat.ADD MEH.I have no friends on there though soo you should really do that.Lol.

Welp..I guess I'll stop rambling on.I probably just bored some people to death. :3 I'll blog in a couple weeks I guess..I don't know why I don't blog everyday like I used to. Oh,andd if anyone was wondering about me from the last time I posted...I guess things have gotten a little better.Still dreading going back to school in a couple weeks.Who doesn't? I added up the days I have left until I graduate.720 DAYS LEFT. Lol. I dont think it's too much.Better than just starting middle school.Middle school,for me, was the worst.Welpp Bye.