I'm Pissed.

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I'm Pissed.

Here's why: I Googled 'andy biersack.' I saw something that I thought was a joke post. IT'S SERIOUS. It's about the Black Veil Brides and this thing they're calling Andy Biersack Obsession Disorder. Look at this, fellow BVB fans, and tell me this doesn't piss you off.

Here are other essential acronyms you must look out for:

BVBA – Blacked Veiled Bride Army, the musical ‘gods’ this fangirls worship.
L.O.L. – Laughs out loud, a term used in their conversation to indicate humor or deception.most
P.A.T.G. – Performed a Throbbing Grissle. Allowed a drug-fueled maniac to ravage her body for rank.
MCRW – My Chemical Romance is an equally dangerous cult. My Chemical Romance Wars are physical fights that take place between these two factions, the losing side oft forced to succumb to the lustiest whims and artificially enhanced bared thrusts from the other side.
BIOYIOB – Blow it Out Your In Out Port. Our college interns are still researching, but it either has double entendre or is the equivalent of BYOB we know from more respectful college parties. Kids today need ‘In-Out’ ports due to sneaking IVs to parties to shoot up on mind-altering drugs that lead to fornication.
4. Poor Choice in Demon-Sounding Music

WARNING: The following section contains mind-altering music from five effeminate men known as the Black Veiled Brides. Please immediately pray and demand the feeble-minded, your wife and children, to immediately leave the room as the Satanic lyrics in the music can alter their minds and quickly turn them into brainwashed fornicators.

After this was the music video for Fallen Angels. Idiots.