wish me luck!!!:(

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wish me luck!!!:(

Okay. Before I begin I have a question...haven't you ever wanted to jump on the couch? I have and I did and I got caught. Mother dearest said we'll pick it up in the morning...I said sorry and she just said she knows and went back in her room...pray for my life.

If I die...
I love all of you guys very much
I will always love mcr...they changed my life
Annika I don't if you like me but know that I like you,not just for your looks.
Fuck authority
Fuck the government
Fuck being popular
To all the asses who say I cant do anything...go Fuck your selves then come back and see I did it
I will always keep it brutal
I regret no fucking thing
I leave my music to all of you guys because my family has a shifty taste in music.
Music will always be in my heart
Fuck perfection
Ive always loved my family even if they say I hate them
I actually am a nice person, you just let the negatives out weigh the positive
These are my famous last words...remember them and make sure my memory carries on.

Stay beautiful and keep it ugly killjoys,never let them take you alive and make sure you do it loud and proud. My memory will carry on.

Possibly for the last time this is Tyler/Nightmare signing off.
I <3 you all:'(