and we'll love again, we'll laugh again, because it's better off this way....

So...this is the true ending, really though, did I honestly expect this band to last forever? Life goes on, I have had my chance to weep but I think of this as a start of something new. They all went their separate ways and they all have separate lives. We just have to keep on living. This band lasted 12 fuckin years, with 4 of the most beautiful albums I'd say they made a name for themselves, and we, the MCRmy, the bullet bringing,revenge seeking, black parade marching, joy killing, conventional weapons have grown so very much. This band molded me into the person I am today, and that is something I'll never forget. I will always keep it ugly while staying beautiful, say it loud while saying it proudly, keep on loving and never fear walking this ugly world alone, and never let these fucking vampires hurt me or anyone else. I will keep on living because killjoys never die, i will keep my boots tight, my gun close, and most certainly die with my mask on and a huge smile on my face.
So Thanks For The Venom, and let's watch this early sunset over Monroeville together while saying our Famous Last Words.
So long and Goodnight:)
Your memory WILL carry on.<3<3