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continued story

Hi everyone. I'm new to the community so I'll introduce myself briefly. My name is Kaitlyn, my nickname is Kat, and I like to draw mousekat. It is an incredible thing for me to publicly admit my admiration for this beautiful band. When I first liked and listened to them in early 2000 I really liked the passion and dreamy story telling each song and music video had. I remember drifting into sweet artistic expansion after watching "Welcome to the Black Parade". I had seen MCR's other videos but this one in particular elated me with such visual bliss. Now before I continue I'd like to mention that until a few months ago I have kept my interest in this band a secret.

Why would I hide a musical interest if I was intrigued. Well, I did this to save myself from being bullied. I don't mind living in small towns, in fact I thrive in them. It seemed however that literally everyone had something negative to say about MCR. It saddened me and there wasn't anyone I knew that liked them at my school. Perhaps there was and they kept a secret like myself.

I was bullied anyway but for other reasons. I didn't want to add to the hate but admitting my liking for the band. This occurred for the rest of my school days. Bullying is everywhere. School, work, internet and beyond, bullying is a problem. Girl hate is very personal to me. Ever since elementary school, I was picked on by all the girls. In girl world, bullying is very mental but physical occurs as well. Victimized because of my weight, clothes, talents, and looks, I’m passionate about stopping girl hate.

It’s scary to think I was friends with girls who only brought me down. The truth is in the moment, I realized they were mean but I felt it was okay. I was afraid of being alone, so I held onto them. Many times I wasn’t invited to hang out after school, and if I was I was ignored. I spent a lot of time on my own, and developed an interest in fashion and art. It kept me busy and happy.

After graduation, I learned about my passions and positive values. Feminism has taught me a great deal and basically to me it means gender doesn't matter and anything anyone does is empowering as long as it's safe. Learning about feminism and broadening my other interests has brought me to type this post. I have never felt such an artistic connection to anything as MCR has. Umbrella Academy is a delight too.

I realized I shouldn't have kept MCR a secret for so many years. It's too good and I actually feel really happy when I listen to their music. The visuals are so powerful and they have a unique presence. The Black Parade is my favorite album just because it's the one that I truly fell in love with first. Danger Days is a dream. I can't believe it's real. It's such a thrill like I really don't understand because it's so awesome!!! I draw mousekat frequently these days and I like jamming around in my room to the album with my disco lights.

Moving forward, I'd like to say hi to anyone who reads this.