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schools gonna start soon and im sooooooooooooo happy! (did nothing fun this summer, had to work) and i'll be away from my dad all day :) cant stand him anymore.
and i may get to go on the german trip next year!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAA! so excited!!!!!
anyways we got our schedules today, and heres mine

!. German 1-2
2. English 3-4
4. Geometry
5. World History
6. Art and Design

:) so happy with my schedule! got the classes i wanted!
also my brother (whos a freshman this year, im a sophmore) in my geometry class!!! so funny!!! (we really wanted to be in geometry and greman together!! so it works out! :)
i also dont have core this year!!!! i have choice, which means i get to hang out with friends for 15 mins, instead of working on something in a class that my grade isnt good. So happy!