LES MISERABLES (spell check?) and other crap :p

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LES MISERABLES (spell check?) and other crap :p

so i havent been on in awhile cause of les mis at my school, (if you're in the enumclaw/bonney lake/ ravensdale/auburn/ black diamound area come see me in the play at enumclaw high school! :)) its been going good, i like somebody in the play :) he's a red head... XD i just felt like saying that.... but yea, its been fun, i hope my school does damn yankees cause i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be lola, :)

sooooo other crap going on.....
well i've been really depressed lately and started hitting my hips until they get brusied and swollen (again :/) and i've been starching myself with sharp objects.... i really dont know why i've been depressed lately..... :/

welllllllll, imma go do home work i havent done for two days XD oh boy........