finidhing up.........

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finidhing up.........

finishing up my killjoy jacket..... :3 it looks amazing if i do say so myself, after im done imma write down the lyrics in my head.

i went to oktomberfest yesterday :) pictures from it ------->
paige( black and blonde hair), claire (blonde one with blue hoodie) and nathan (the only dude XD)

umm...... im going to see paranomra activity 3 2mow with my friends.
imma be laughing the whole time :3 i laugh at ALL horror movies i watch.

sooooo. yea..

i talked to syndicate today, i missed her first two times she called me, cause i was drawing and listening to my ipod at full blast XD so sorry:) then when i called her back i couldnt really hear her cause she was at a harvest festival (i think...) she ws just walking around, then one of us hung up, idk whih one of us. sorry syndicate if it was me!

soooo imm go now and get Alice's return again at block busters.


~Zombie Massacre