end of the school year

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end of the school year

half way thro the school year i had to switch schools cause what happen to my littlest brother. the school didnt do anything to help.
i now go to school in enumclaw.
my last day as an 8th grader is on friday.
and it marks the begining of my high school career.
im nerous to start high school, i mean i barely no any one at TMMS. and its not highline schools any more.
i have to meet ALOT of new people, while when i was in highline i knew a bunch of people at different schools.
im scared about this...
im nerous.. but werent we all?
its a big change for me, from middle school to high school. the hallways ive grown use to over the short time ive been at the school, to having to find my classes and get use to the new scene.

well im done with this rant. leave comment about your high school


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