A moment of silence

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A moment of silence

Today was the second sadist day in the past week. On Friday, one of the teachers whos been a teacher at my school for 25+ years was killed in a car accident, we were told in the middle of my history class over the loud speaker. Today was almost as bad because today was his funeral. Since he was a member of the state government as well as a huge icon at our school, a ton of people want to send their wishes to him as well as his family. The only problem being that the church only holds 80 people, so they sent a live feed of it to our school gym for anyone to come and see. I normally would've been okay with this since the survive was after school( we had a half day) but the whole building was decorated for the even! Im not talking some much needed gothic make-over of the drab a dreary place but more just like someone had tapped a tone of black construction paper to the walls and called it quits. And to top is off the had every student write a message to Mr.Clark (the teacher who passed away) and they then posted those messages on the papers. Which is a sweet idea, but that the key word, IDEA! In reality is was morbid as hell!!!

I, personally have always been a little(coughlotcough) on the darker side of things but this pushed it of me and my friends....they make me look like a bottle of freakin sunshine.... so now im just sad in general. So of the mean girls, aero-zombies we call them ( they are always clad in shit from aerocrombie and fitch, american eagle or aeropostale), kept giving us shit because this was 'our day to fit in'......i hate them on so many levels.....

I just relised this turning into a bit of a rant and im really sorry about that. on a happier note, the ski mountain opens this Saturday!YAY

So long and good night!...afternoon...whatever