The life you stole chapter 2

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The life you stole chapter 2

TA-DA! i give you chapter two! chapter three will be up ini a few minutes. hope y'all like!

chapter two

"Good evening ms.Roberts." A brown haired intern greater the Lab technishin in charge. Ms.Roberts, or Tessa Roberts was 5foot 5 with long copper hair,gray blue eyes and a pale complection. Like every other female who worked for Better Living Indestries, she wore a plain white blouse with a matching blazer, black pencil skirt and black kitten heels. Forcing a smile to the intern,she walked to the double doors that stood on the far end of the chemicals lab.

After twenty minutes of walking through the maze like hallways Tessa came to the housing wing, where all BL/ind employes---except for dracloids and s/c/a/r/e/c/r/o/w/s--lived. Just as she entered her code into the key pad and stepped into the main room,the mobile phone on its holder at her hip decided to ring.

"Hello, Tessa Roberts head of the chemicals department speaking." sometimes she felt like a secretary.

"Ah Ms.Roberts, I'm glad I have your number correct." A chilling female voice said from the other end of the line. A voice Tessa knew belonged to Eri Isoda . also know as NewsAGoGo.

"How can I help you ma'am?"Tessa asked, attempting to keep her voice steady. Since most of the people in charge of departments weren't on the Anti-emotion pills,at times it was a challenge to keep a montone voice.

"One of the desert rats we caught a few months back seems to be unresponsive to any of the memory removing meathids. It would be very helpful if you could take another look at their file and see if the have been caught before and built in an amunity." For whatever reason, the way Mrs.Isoda said 'memory removing' sent a shiver down her spine.

"But ma'am, the Kiljoy files aren't stored in the lab and I don't have a key to the wear house..."

"Oh of corse. Just go to my office. The main key pad code is 1-2-2-5 and the code for the cabinets pad lock is 08-16-14. I'd like the reports within the next two days Ms.Robets."

"Will do ma'am. Good bye." Sighing, Tessa hit 'end call' and placed the cell back in its holder as she walked from her room and back through the white halls. 'Damn it. Of all the nights those stupid interns leave early! Now, here we are.' Tessa thought as she walked. Entering the code, she waved her ID badge in frount of a small camera lens and stepped inside. After opening a filing cabinet on the far side of the room, she pulled out row O~S.

"Smith, Sacough, Recat, Rike, roberts-What the hell?" As Tessa's eyes fell onto the yellow folder with her name on it she frowned. Yanking the file from its place, she sat on the gray carpeted floor and opened it,only for the main paper to fall.

Nickname:Storm Fire
Birth name: Tessa C. Roberts.
Date of Birth: 10-5-95
Hair color-Blue (side effect from being close to one of the chemical started fires)
Eye color-gray/Blue

Slamming the folder shut and shoving it back into its place, Tessa grabbed the folder she was sent for and rushed from the room. 'It's a joke. A sick joke,proballey by Connor Norland. Yes! That's it' Entering her room for the second time, Tessa tossed the folder onto the desk and went to bed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Come on! It'll be epic!" A teenager,obviously a killjoy yelled across the width of the road to her blue haired friend.

"Acid this is rediculis! Poison is never givin' Ghoul his car and there now way we could get Ghoul to drive off a jump!"She yelled back.

"Killer of my joy." The first one, Acid,mumbled as their red haired friend walked over.

"What in the world you two yelling about?"He asked.

"Being the genius she is,Acid wants Ghoul to drive off a jump."

"storm, You know He'd end up doing it." the red hair said with a sigh.

"In your car Poison?" Storm retorted,putting extra enfashis on the word 'your'

"No way in hell."Poison said very seriously.

"Both of you! KILLJOYS!"Acid yelled from right behind them.

"It's an occupational hazard."Poison continued in the 'oh-do-important' voice. All three started laughing.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Waking with a start,Tessa sat straight up in bed,her long hair hanging in her eyes. In a paranoid fashion, she turned on the lights and stood infrount of the mirror. The voice of the blue haired on in her dream, Tessa realized was her own and she shuddered. Even if she /had/ been a killjoy, she couldn't tell anyone she knew. Despite the well know fact killjoys didn't kill each other,it was also well know what happened when they got their gloved hands on Better Living Indestries workers. No matter what the workers past was.