Wrote My First Fan Fic

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Wrote My First Fan Fic

Now I am nervous of what people will think of it. I centered it on the Projekt Revolution Tour. Unfortunately, I do not think it is appropriate for here. This is not because I think everyone here is too young, but I do have to think of the legal action with age. Anyone who wants to read it is more than welcome to message me and we can talk about how i can send it to you either by message here or Facebook message perhaps. I would even be willing to e-mail to too.

I am being so good and waiting patiently for the next two songs to come out on the 8th. I know I can find downloads now, but I am being good, besides i have something to look forward to right?

On a better note, I have heat again. it feels so good to not be freezing. Having no heat for four days is not a great way to start out the new year. Neither is putting your friend and husband in the hospital via ambulance for seizures. I handled it though, like I always do. What I am still having trouble handling is my bitch of a mom blaming me for everything all because i did not pay the rent. I chose to pay the cable so that she would have my phone to blow up with her friends calling all the time and so she can monopolize my television with her stupid Hallmark/lifetime movies. She says i only did it so i can have my internet, she is partly right, but I can use the internet at my job so it is not a big deal.

Now that I have heat again I can start cleaning again. I keep letting the kids room go south and with them gone this weekend, I can do a decent job i think. I also have to buy clothes again since they both decided to grow over the holiday.