This Is What Should Matter Most

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This Is What Should Matter Most

"My Chemical Romance are a band that have polarized opinions, angered newspapers, formed an army of extremely loyal fans the world over and managed to keep their heads in the process. But despite their formidable live reputation, their musicianship is often overlooked in favor of whatever controversy the press has decided to attribute to the band that month.

In attempt to rectify this, we spoke to bassist Mikey Way and picked his brains about his early influences, his gear preferences and the development of his signature Squire Mustang bass."

When I read this I cried, this is where it is at when it comes to music. It is the talent that should matter along with how they treat the fans, and we all know that they treat us wonderfully. Who gives a shit what they do in their private lives honestly. If the other so called fans continue to meddle in their affairs, what we are going to have is no band and mo music. They will only be able to blame themselves then, but they will probably blame each other.

Anyway, please enjoy the interview and the video that goes with it.