Samhain Is here!

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Samhain Is here!

All right, well you guys know it more as Halloween or Ieroween, but Samhain is what i celebrate as a Wiccan. I still take my kids or in this case just my daughter out trick to treating, but when that is over and the kids are in bed, it is my time to howl. I do a few spells and rituals, but nothing crazy. Just celebrating the start of the new year for me and my family. This year i am including my son's girlfriend.

So Frank turns 31 today. i wonder what he is going to do. When the tour was going on, they use to play two shows in one day, because that is what frank wanted. I know a ton of fan fic is going to come out for this day. I am hoping that he takes his kids out trick or treating and then the family snuggles in and watches movies. i know if he was with the guys, they would be watching horror movies. ^-^

So what is everyone being for Halloween? My daughter is going to be a bumblebee fairy, but with an undead twist. I bought us all fingerless gloves with skeleton bones on it, much like Frankies, and I am going to be a Gothic vampire and wear a mask. My son's girlfriend is going as a cultist. She is either going to wear a mask or have the MCR style mask on.

Anyway, everyone stay safe no matter what you do.^-^