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stole this

1. Height: about 5ft 8in

2. Virgin? Yup, and I'm proud

3. Shoe size: 9 in women's

4. Sexual Orientation: straight but I don't think it really matters

5. Do you smoke? Nope and I never will

6. Do you drink? Nope

7. Do you take drugs? Not illegal ones.

8. Age you get mistaken for: about 15-16. No one believes I'm a freshman.

9. Tattoos? No I hate needles

10. Piercings? No (read above)

11. Best friend? Sarah, Karoline, Noah, and Gage

12. Relationship status: Single

13. Favorite movies: Any Tim Burton Movies :3

14. Someone you miss: Yea, Sarah who lives in O.C (I live in the I.E), my grandpa who died, and my grandma who is in Oklahoma.

15. Most traumatic experience: I don't know... either almost having a bad car accident (I flinch when a car next to me is changing lanes if I'm in a small car) or my grandpa dying.

16. A fact about your personality: I'm usually shy but I can be freaking loud and silly.

17. What I want to be when I get older: Either a professional violinist playing in a symphony or a guitarist/ violinist in a rock band. Oooh or maybe an author since I like writing.Or even an artist